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Experiment with a Chemist

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Lily Lew

Energy Egg Hunt

Posted by Lily Lew Apr 12, 2011

In celebration of 2nd Quarter IYC theme of alternative energy and Easter, YCC brings an Energy Egg Hunt to Stanford SPLASH. Inquiry based discussions open the topics of what is energy and the different forms of energy. We warmup with some energy improv and then they dash off to gather those energy egg ideas. They can only hold one egg at a time (renewable energy) and they wrap up the event with a post discussion and prizes.

Lily Lew

Forensic Science Mysteries

Posted by Lily Lew Apr 12, 2011

Fingerprinting, spaghetti splatter, chemical powders bring kids an interesting new spin on young detectives solving the "doh" in the pizza dough

Teams raced around downtown for 2 hours taking pictures of a list of chemistry concepts such as neutralization reaction, physical change, a crack on the floor that would be a good place to discuss triple points, why mentos and coke are a diasterous combination...


Teams came back and presented the pictures and pointed to the idea in the picture, other teams gained insight and opened additional discussion.


Teamwork, Explaining to audience, concept re-enforcement, exercise, connecting chemsitry to the real world