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Sometime You Need to Ask the BIG QUESTIONS!

Blog Post created by Raymond Whitney on Dec 19, 2011

green-question-mark.jpgWe all run into them, at different times in different ways, often unexpectedly.


When we do, we scratch our heads, or stroke our beards, or drum our fingers upn the table.


We might hum a little, stare off into space, or nervously cough.


If we're feeling particularly audcious, we might close the office door and sit with a trusted colleague, pondering them.


But we don't often state them loud and proud and out in the open. We don't often look at the 800 pound gorilla, introduce ourselves, and get to know it.


For the most part, we've see than movie, and we know how that script ends.


We seldom ask the BIG QUESTIONS.


Perhaps more accurately, we don't seriously try to tackle the BIG QUESTIONS.


Well, this time, in this case, I'm asking, and I'm seeking an answer.


What Is the ACS Web Presence?


Attached to this blog post is a white paper I prepared for the Web Council. In the paper I explore this BIG QUESTION.


From the introduction:


What is the ACS Web Presence? For some time now I’ve been struggling to understand it.

The question comes up in various forms in myriad contexts.

    • It emerges when we identify duplication of effort—when multiple business owners pursue separate web initiatives that cover similar territory…
    • It appears when we consider how one site relates to another. And another. Oh, and that other one over there…
    • It's loud and insistent when we try to determine our approach to Social Media…
      • And Mobile…
      • And Email…
      • And...the list goes on…

So, what is it? Is it merely a catalog of stuff? Is it the impression we make on our constituents?

As usual, questions beget more questions.

I walked around the office. I issued a challenge. I sought perspective. In two minutes or less, name all the ACS-related web…things…you can. It’s not a test. There’s no right answer. Just tell me what you think. 


And I would follow up with: So, how would you characterize it?

What do you think people said?


Check out the paper. Comment on it here!


Share, and enjoy!