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The excess of heat and CO2 in nature caused by the combustion of the polluting energy systems should be considered as a huge artificial source of energy, this impact  called global warming means scientifically a global huge excess of energy available every where in the atmosphere that should be usefully absorbed not destroyed to prevent damage the climate cycle and avoid climate change, there are many technologies available to achieve this objective and complete this artificial cycle of energy systems invented by human, such as bio fuel, solar, and wind.


By absorbing the excess of  heat delivered directly or indirectly by the polluting energy systems, the renewable energy systems are one of the solutions for the polluting systems impact not the substitute.


There is a huge market for the renewable energy that needs huge investments to reach the equilibrium with the polluting energy systems, the fact to consider the renewable technologies as the substitute and therefore a threat to the polluting systems has damaged the rule of these technologies and aborted the balance of the artificial cycle of energy systems, by manipulating prices, markets, media, and policies.  The adoption of an extreme strategy usually calls for the extermination of the opposite strategy which has been always destructive,


Using only  one energy systems is an extreme strategy that calls for the interdiction of the opposite energy systems, for example if we plan to use only renewable energy systems and after intensive use globally for a long time absorbing heat energy from nature, we have to study the consequences and know if we may get global cold instead of global warming?.


Therefore it is important to maintain the equilibrium between two energy systems consequences; the systems with consequence that absorb heat energy from the nature ( solar, wind, geothermal, bio-fuel, hydro-power)  called "renewable", and the energy system with consequence that deliver / liberate heat energy to the nature ( hydrocarbon, coal combustion, nuclear) called "polluting", both systems have contradictive consequences on nature,


But the tidale power is due to the gravitational interaction with the Moon and Sun and the Earth's rotation, so it is predictable, and independent of the global heat energy change on Earth,

Accordingly it will not cause any effect to the global heat energy equilibrium on Earth, it should be considered as a neutral energy system concerning the climate change and should not be confused with other energy systems that absorb or liberate heat energy,


The global approach is delicate, rare and completely different from the globalization of a successful local approach, the problem of the energy impact is a global problem and concern that should be resolved through a wide perspective which is not possible with a local strategy that reflect limited interests.

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