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Next-generation odor fighters made from nanoparticles: study

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“Deodorant  made from nanoparticles to eliminate unpleasant odours”

October 31,  2010

Origin: OPA  PressPac


Scientists have come with a new  approach for dealing with offensive household and other odours. The new method  does not mask odours like today's room fresheners, but eliminates them at the  source. Their research found that a deodorant made from nanoparticles - hundreds  of times smaller than peach fuzz - eliminates odours up to twice as effectively  as today's gold standard. Brij Moudgil and colleagues note that consumers use a  wide range of materials to battle undesirable odours in clothing, on pets, in  rooms, and elsewhere. The scientists describe development of a new material  consisting of nanoparticles of silica (the main ingredient in beach sand) - each  1/50,000th the width of a human hair - coated with copper. That metal has  well-established antibacterial and anti-odour properties, and the nanoparticles  gave copper a greater surface area to exert its effects. A report on these  next-generation odour-fighters appears in ACS' Langmuir, a bi-weekly  journal.