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Test for autism in trials

Blog Post created by john simpson on Nov 4, 2010

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"Simple Autism Test Undergoing  Trials"



According to a story in the Daily Mail, British scientists say that all  it takes to definitively diagnose Autism is a few drops of urine, a non-evasive  test. Jeremy Nicholson, from Imperial College London said that the urine of an  Autistic child contains a distinctive "chemical fingerprint". It points to a  link between Autism and the gut, a marker long suspected but never proved. Some  factors point to a link between Celiac Disease (sprue) an autoimmune disease and  Autism. The article published in the "Journal of Proteome  Research" in June of 2010 goes on to say that the bacteria in the gut  of an Autistic child is different from those found in guts of a normal child.  Researchers tested the urine of three trial groups of children, those with  Autism, normal siblings of the Autistic group, and a group composed of children  without Autism or Autistic siblings. With a test called H NMR Spectroscopy, they  determined that each group had different chemical markings in their urine.  Siblings of the Autistic child showed a different marker than the so-called  normal children. However, scientists debate whether the differences point to gut  markers as a byproduct of Autism or if they cause the condition.