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Study shows benefits of cranberry juice

Blog Post created by john simpson on Nov 5, 2010

Taken from The Mail Online
"Can a fruit juice cure YOUR health problems as  scientists discover beetroot juice can protect against  dementia?"



We all know that fruit juice is generally good for you. But  every day it seems scientists are discovering new benefits for specific  illnesses. Yesterday, U.S. researchers revealed that beetroot juice can help  keep dementia at bay, as it contains nitrate, which helps open blood vessels,  boosting blood supply to the brain... Cranberry juice for urinary infections --  How it works: A study conducted this year showed that cranberry juice prevents  the growth of the bacteria E.Coli, the most common cause of urinary infections.  Researchers who presented their findings to the American Chemical  Society showed that within eight hours of drinking a glass of cranberry  juice, the juice could help prevent bacteria from developing into an infection  in the urinary tract. However, contrary to popular belief, the juice will not  treat cystitis if the infection has already occurred — indeed, because it is  acidic it can actually exacerbate the discomfort.