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Toxins in Toys Prompts new Recommendations

Blog Post created by john simpson on Nov 11, 2010

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"Toxins in Toys Prompts new  Recommendations"



Recent recalls of toys from harmful chemicals such  as lead and other toxins have created a “toxic toy” crisis, according to Monica  Becker, Sally Edwards and Rachel Massey, sustainability consultants writing in  the ACS' Environmental Science & Technology publication.  Toxins found in children’s toys and recent recall of jewelry containing cadmium  have prompted the analysts to call for new recommendations from the government  and the manufacturing industry. The authors cite the June 2010 recall of 12  million toxic cadmium coated glasses from a well known fast food chain. In the  past three years, the government has issued 17 million toy recalls from lead  that can cause neurodevelopment disorders and is still found in our soil, posing  potential hazard to children... The authors recommend the government and toy  industry ban or restrict toxins in children’s toys, label harmful chemicals in  toys and develop an accessible database, require chemical manufacturers, rather  than the government, to disclose chemical toxicity information and promote  design and development of safer toys by providing incentives. They also suggest  the government support green chemistry and research in addition to expanding the  EPA’s Green Chemistry and Design for Environment programs.