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Sequestered CO2 could pose leakage problems for drinking water: Study

Blog Post created by john simpson on Nov 12, 2010

Taken from Thaindian News
"Underground CO2 leakage could contaminate drinking  water"


A new study has revealed that leakage of carbon dioxide  injected deep underground to help fight climate change could turn up in drinking  water aquifers near the surface, driving up levels of contaminants in the water  tenfold or more in some places. “We found the potential for contamination is  real, but there are ways to avoid or reduce the risk,” said Robert B. Jackson at  Duke University... After a year’s exposure to the CO2, analysis of the samples  showed that “there are a number of potential sites where CO2 leaks drive  contaminants up tenfold or more, in some cases to levels above the maximum  contaminant loads set by the EPA for potable water,” Jackson said. “Along with  changes in carbonate concentration and acidity of the water, concentrations of  manganese, iron and calcium could all be used as geochemical markers of a leak,  as their concentration increase within two weeks of exposure to CO2,” Jackson  said. The study appears in the online edition of the journal  Environmental Science & Technology.