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Check out ACS' new video series - Prized Science: How the Science Behind ACS Awards Impacts Your Life

Blog Post created by john simpson on Nov 15, 2010

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"Be a science expert with ACS' Prized Science  video"


Do you want to know the minute details of several scientific  discoveries that occurred around the world? The American Chemical  Society (ACS) came up with all answers to your queries. The world's largest  scientific society and one of the leading sources of authoritative scientific  information, ACS launched a new video series - "Prized Science: How the Science  Behind ACS Awards Impacts Your Life." The video series would provide information  on every high-definition graphics and animations, and the commentary in the  video is suitable for classroom use and other audiences of students and  non-scientists. "Prized Science strives to give people, who may have no special  scientific knowledge, the opportunity to watch, listen, and discover how the  chemistry behind ACS' awards transforms life," stated ACS President Joseph S.  Francisco. The videos are now available for everybody at the Prized Science  website, YouTube, iTunes, and on DVD for free of cost.