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New camera reveals the invisible

Blog Post created by john simpson on Nov 23, 2010

Taken from Discovery News
"'CSI'-Like Camera Reveals Hidden  Blood"



The eerie blue glow of luminol on TV crime dramas could soon  be replaced with a less dramatic, but far more revealing photograph. Scientists  from the University of South Carolina have created a new proof-of-concept camera  that takes pictures of blood stains. If miniaturized and optimized, the new  camera could be used by crime scene investigators to find the tiniest blood  mists, and even detect whether a person handled drugs or explosives. "It's  called multimode imaging in the thermal infrared, and with it we have the  capability to detect any kind of stain on any kind of surface," said Stephen  Morgan, who, along with fellow professor Michael Myrick and several graduate  students from University of South Carolina, developed the new blood revealing  technology. Their research is detailed in the journal ACS Analytical  Chemistry.