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Academia Sinica researchers demystify cataract treatment

Blog Post created by john simpson on Feb 22, 2011

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"Academia Sinica researchers demystify cataract  treatment"
February 16


An Academia Sinica research team has explained the  biochemical mechanism behind a kind of eye drop containing pirenoxine (PRX) that  has been used for decades to treat cataracts. “Our findings, which offer new  scientific evidence for the use of PRX to treat cataracts, will serve as  reference for future biological research,” said Wu Shih-hsiung, a distinguished  research fellow and deputy director of Academia Sinica’s Institute of Biological  Chemistry, Feb. 16. In the study, the team showed how PRX binds to calcium and  selenite in the lens of the eye, thereby effectively reducing the opacity seen  in the cataract. Unusually high levels of calcium are known to lead to the loss  of transparency in the cortex of the lens, while selenite has been linked to  lens opacity in previous scientific studies, according to the team. Their  research was published in the online edition of the American Chemical Society  journal Inorganic Chemistry Dec. 7, 2010.