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Black rice: The latest superfood in the US?

Blog Post created by john simpson on Feb 22, 2011

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"What are the latest superfoods in the US  currently?"
February 20


In Sacramento's various whole food and natural food markets,  could "forbidden rice," also known as "black rice" and/or "Chinese black rice"  possibly be replacing blueberries as the supreme superfood for a fraction of the  price and deliver more health benefits? The idea that nationally, black rice  might be replacing blueberries nationally as "the superfood" was announced by  some researchers at American Chemical Society's (ACS) annual fall  meeting, according to an American Chemical Society September 7, 2010  press release. Regardless of whether you ferment your grains for health and to  remove some of the phytic acid or not, this year the idea of super green rice  and black rice are coming to the forefront of the media. And in some Sacramento  vegan restaurants, black rice is on the menu.