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     First off, I'm Ben, and my favorite element is Iodine. I took my first chemistry class in my sophomore year of high school and loved it (although I wasn't the biggest fan of PVnRT at the time). From there I took the two year long IB chemistry curriculum my school offered only to discover that I REALLY loved chemistry. I got my hands on some basic lab equipment and began amateur chemistry as a hobby. This upcoming school year I'm off to George Mason University in Fairfax, VA. I plan to take advantage of their accelerated masters program and within the next 5 years have my master's degree in organic chemistry. From there the plan is to attend pharmaceutical school...somewhere. Not sure where just yet.

     I suppose my primary goals for this subscription is to network and keep up with various division's news. That'll be all for now!






"I would measure things out, but that would take time away from the chemistry." -Unknown

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