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A Brief History of Human Waste Disposal - Part 6. The Future

Blog Post created by John O'Connor on Jan 10, 2011

Most of us have some appreciation of the technical advances achieved in human waste disposal over the past two centuries, but what does the future hold?


Even now, the future is unfolding. Engineers and business interests have recognized that, in our most water-stressed regions, the sewage treatment plants end up with most of the water. -- only, as the old joke goes, 'It ain't all water'.


A Brief (Illustrated) History of Human Waste Disposal -- and its possible future.

Part 1. Cesspits & Outhouses
Part 2. Toilets & Water Carriage

Part 3. Sewerage
Part 4. Sewage Treatment

Part 5. Wastewater Treatment
Part 6. The Future: Wastewater Reclamation
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