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This is the story of an individual effort to reduce household electrical energy consumption, primarily through conservation and elimination of waste. Over a period of seven years, Tom has systematically reduced his electrical energy usage by 80%. His efforts have become a very popular topic locally, as people are interested in knowing how he is actually achieving these reductions. Obviously, he is not keeping it secret.


And yes, Tom does have a wife.


This slide presentation was prepared for the March 29, 2011 annual meeting of the Missouri Section, American Water Works Association. Although specific to the waterworks industry, many ACS members focussing on sustainability for municipal and industrial water systems might be interested in such work -- and might be willing to add their additional insight.


Specific energy use and carbon emission data are given for a 4 mgd water treatment system in western Missouri. Of special interest are the results of an energy audit of the facility that revealed billing anomalies from the the local power utility.


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