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John O'Connor


Posted by John O'Connor Apr 13, 2012

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In Columbia, Missouri, our local independent movie theater group, the Ragtag, hosts (free to all attendees) a series of talks from a wide range of local people -- constraining them to show 20 slides, each for 20 seconds. Hence, "20/20". Obviously, the fast pace is a challenge for the speakers, but a guarantee for the audience that no presentation will last more than 7 minutes.


The youtube link, below, is to my son Tom's sub-7 minute presentation. Tom came to local attention as he reduced his electrical consumption, over a number of years, by 90%, solely by conservation. How? Tom keeps no secrets.


Why the bass solo? Tom elected to eliminate one of his slides.


Hope you enjoy the video presentation.


20/20 Columbia February 2012 - Tom O'Connor - YouTube

Copper Pipe Internal Corrosion.jpg

Having determined that chloramine disinfectant residuals were corroding copper in household plumbing, an effort was made to reduce the chloramine concentrations applied in the Willmar, Minnesota water distribution system. This involved controlling microbial-mediated nitrification, which led to the formation of nitrite during distribution. Nitrite ion, in turn, depleted the applied residual. Controlling the formation of nitrite then allowed less chloramine to be applied to the system.


This paper was presented at the Minnesota Chapter, American Water Works Association, in 1998.


A year later, after further trials of alternative methods, chlorite ion was adopted to control nitrification.

Benefits of Air-Assisted Backwash of Granular Filter Media - A Slide ShowTom & Tim.JPG


This presentation summarizes comparative operational performance data stemming from a water treatment plant filter upgrade completed in 2009. It illustrates the installation of air-assisted backwash (air scour) and details the resulting changes in backwash protocols. The paper also quantifies the economic benefits of the upgrade in terms of reduced backwash water use and reduced frequency of filter backwashing. A series of slides illustrate the revised backwash process.


This work was presented by Tim Price, Senior Chemist, Associated Electric Cooperative, Inc., Thomas Hill Energy Center, Cliffton Hill, MO at the Joint Meeting of the Missouri Water Environment Association and the Missouri Section, American Water Works Association, March 25-28, 2012, Tan-Tar-A, Osage Beach, Missouri.