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John O'Connor

Water Chemistry

Posted by John O'Connor Mar 13, 2014




Water Chemistry was developed as a primer for water and wastewater treatment plant operators. It introduced pC-pH diagrams for alkalinity and various acid-base systems encountered in natural waters. It illustrated the calculation of solubility of water treatment coagulants plus a number of USEPA-regulated metals. It provided sample data on removal of metals during wastewater treatment. It demonstrated oxidations and reductions of importance in water and waste treatment. It introduced the chemistry of carbon as viewed in water treatment regulations. It illustrated the chemistry of those well water sources influenced by microbial activity and reducing conditions in the ground - with an emphasis on the gases produced by microorganisms. It utilized bar diagrams to illustrate electroneutrality conditions. It provided previously unpublished data on the organic carbon content and occurrence of disinfection by-products (trihalomethanes) in Missouri drinking water sources and chlorinated supplies. It provided data on residual metals, hardness and sodium ions in finished drinking water supplies. It provided a unique set of data on the total bacterial cell counts enumerated in treated Missouri drinking waters.