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Attached is a listing of all posts to Water and Wastewater Slide Shows as of March 2020.

Some are for chemists, some for engineers, some for students and scholars, some for water and wastewater system operators; all for downloading and use at your discretion.

We encourage your comments, especially if some of these posts have been helpful.


Water and Wastewater Slide Shows: and Wastewater Slide Shows


Bacteria in Drinking Water


The Age of Electric Vehicles


Thank you, USEPA!


All-Electric Vehicles - and Gasoline Taxes


The Social Cost of Burning Carbon


An Editorial: A Decade of ‘No Growth’ in Energy and Water Use


Residential Solar System Costs - Columbia, Missouri


Lead Contamination of the Flint, Michigan Water Supply: A Distillation of Readily Available Information  - Updated to May 2016


Little Rock, AR., Municipal Water Works - 1996


Early History of Water Treatment


Kinetics of Chlorine Depletion and Microbial Growth in Household Plumbing Systems


Microscopy - for Water Treatment Plant Performance Evaluations




The Story of Bottled Water and other Slide Shows: iBook


Summary of Posts: 2010-2016


Bottled Water Exhibit: University of California-Davis (Video)


Water Chemistry


Water Softening by Precipitation with Lime


Taste and Odor Control at Bloomington, Illinois


Drinking Water Filtration: Replacement of GAC Caps at Bloomington, Illinois


What we can’t (or shouldn’t) put into our Sanitary Sewerage Systems


Anthropogenic Global Warming


A Drinking Water Supply Manifesto




Control of Nitrification in a Water Distribution System


Air-Assisted Filter Backwash (Air Scour)


Virus in Water Supplies


Chlorine vs. Chloramine


Drinking Water Process Performance Evaluations


Total Organic Carbon - Health Effects


Total Organic Carbon Removal


Total Organic Carbon


Pharmaceuticals in Water and Wastewater


Wastewater Reclamation, Recovery and Reuse


Stream Biomonitoring


Methane in Ground Water


Household Electrical Energy Usage


Sustainability for Water Systems


Arsenic in Drinking Water


Pit Happens: Copper Corrosion in Household Plumbing


My Kitchen Tap versus My Refrigerator Dispenser


A Brief History of Human Waste Disposal - Part 6. The Future



A Brief History of Human Waste Disposal-Part 5. Wastewater Treatment


A History of Human Waste Disposal - Part 4. Sewage Treatment


A Brief History of Human Waste Management - Part 3: Sewerage


A Brief History of Human Waste Disposal - Part 2: Toilets


A Brief History of Human Waste Disposal - and its possible future.


The Story of Bottled Water


Steps toward Sustainability tainability2.pdf

The Sustainability Director of the University of California-Davis ran across my ACS 'Story of Bottled Water' presentation and wanted to create a display in the Student Union using my water bottles and slides. Thanks to him, I was able to clear out some space in my basement.


The attached video (m4v) of this display was appended to this post on July 19, 2015.