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The attached summary of research on water treatment processes, conducted at the Little Rock, AR. Municipal Water Works (LRMWW) from October 1993 to January 1996, may be of special interest to water treatment professionals.


The summary outlines the:


Evaluation of Water Treatment Plant Performances

Safe Drinking Water Act Compliance Assessments

and a review of Pilot Plant Start-Up and Operations.




Also attached is a 1994 technical presentation (ASCE-Environmental Engineering Division conference) detailing the results of studies of the Control of Microbial Water Quality in the Little Rock, Arkansas Distribution System.


Finally, The Effect of Seasonal Variations in Source Water Quality on Drinking Water Treatment Process Requirements is presented as part of an interpretation of USGS data on Lakes Winona and Maumelle.





For millennia, humans have sought out healthy sources of potable water - and worked to devise means for purifying dirty or polluted waters.


The earliest small-scale treatments often involved heating or boiling as well as rudimentary filtration, aeration, and storage. Even distillation was among the early techniques devised.


Mechanical means for water treatment (filtration) awaited the tools and materials provided by the industrial revolution.