• Cyclic Voltammetry (CV) Simulator Written in Microsoft Excel

    Description   The attached file is an updated version of a simple cyclic voltammetry (CV) simulator written in Microsoft Excel.1 The spreadsheet supports up to four chemical species that can undergo up to four re...
    Jay Brown
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  • What are other institutions doing about undergraduate laboratory offerings?

    We were told to move everything online about 2/3 of the way through the semester.  Our faculty pulled together and were able to develop online offerings for the remainder of the semester.  There have certain...
    Vincent Catalano
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  • Networking with Instructional Lab Coordinators/Managers

    Hi, I'm a senior Lab Coordinator for the general chemistry instructional labs program and am looking to network with other lab managers and coordinators at more specifically at the university level (but all in the edu...
    Michelle Near
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  • History of Chemistry Poster Series?

    Is anyone aware of a series or set of posters/art that depicts the history of chemistry or chemists? I am a professor at a small liberal arts college and would like to decorate a hallway leading to the general chemist...
    Allison Fleshman
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  • Recent Updates to the Polymer Science Learning Center

    The Polymer Science Learning Center began life with NSF funding in the early to mid '90's. That generous support allowed development of the Macrogalleria, an online resource with hundreds of pages of information on po...
    Lon Mathias
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  • Reaction of Metals in Muriatic Acid

    I'm working on my science fair project. I placed 6 different metals (Al, Pb, Zn, Cu, Fe, and C) in muriatic acid.   Zn and Al reacted strongly and dissolved in about 3 minutes.   Pb, Cu, Fe, and C did not...
    Carter Mihan
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  • My first manuscript

    I'm a freshman in college, and this past semester I had the opportunity to conduct my own independent research project. So I created a probably terrible manuscript, since I have yet to take a chemistry writing course....
    Matthew Heaney
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    Title: Graduate Student Field: Industrial Chemistry Institution: Kwara State University, Malete Department: Chemistry City: Ilorin State: Kwara Country: Nigeria From year: 2014 To year: 2018
    Abdulrasheed  Olagunju
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  • Nobel Laureate Roald Hoffmann presents "Reflections on Science and Jewish Tradition"

    2/26/17 7:00 PM
    Abstract: “That science and religion only contend, or that they occupy separate compartments in our minds, one unrelated to the other—these are both such impoverishing views. Scientific knowledge, aestheti...
    Mark Wagman
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    Nobel Laureate Roald Hoffmann presents "Reflections on Science and Jewish Tradition"
  • Samford Univ. REU: Please encourage undergraduate students to apply!

    Please encourage undergraduate students to apply! Samford Research Experience for Undergraduates in Biology and Chemistry: Explore the world of research and develop your scientific skills.   http://www.samford....
    Rita Fincher
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  • LessonsAdvisor.com

    Has anyone heard of the new (2016) Instructor/Tutor clearinghouse LessonsAdvisor.com ?  I signed up on their service to attract students to my Chemistry tutoring website and to gain local students as well. I won...
    Paul Knoll
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  • Fun experiments

    Hello everyone, I want to do some funny and amazing experiments for college students, We are planning a new event but I'm out of ideas. we already did: elephant toothpaste, secret ink, bleeding iron, Mn cameleon, p...
    Maysoon Al-Hafez
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  • Demo - Statistics from Experiments

    I have created a video to demonstrate statistics when doing experimental measurements and a package to explore the ideas interactively. One motivation was a realization that students in (undergraduate) chemistry labs ...
    Jeffrey Weimer
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  • Active Learning Trainer/Facilitator

    I'm currently working on an active learning project with UCLA and NIH. We're looking for a freelance Trainer/Facilitator as detailed in this job posting: Hackathon Leader and Trainer - Google Docs. If you have co...
    Cheryl Mathews
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  • Learning and Having fun

    As far as I know we learn only when we are engaged. In some way, that means that you have to be 'having fun.' Of course, it can and should be hard work too. The problem I see in my students is that "hard" work means t...
    David Terrell
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  • I am looking for people to test an acid-base equilibrium app for iPhone and iPad.  A description can be found at  http://www.tahosa.us/Equiligraph/Equiligraph/Titration_App.html

    The app is based on the old 'Equilligraph' graphical methods. It combines graphs with numerical results.   It is in beta test now, and I am looking for people to beta test it and provide feed back     ...
    David Hatfield
    created by David Hatfield
  • Statistics on Chemistry and Chemical Engineering Dept enrollments

    I had a question recently from a faculty member from a university in our Central New Mexico Local Section.  They were asking if ACS has available information on trends in undergraduate enrollments in Chemistry an...
    Donivan Porterfield
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  • What is the purpose of learning science? What does science focus on? What is its mission statement?

    Our planet is in danger; the carbon dioxide level in our atmosphere is reaching 400 ppm, the highest level ever reached - our planet is warming up.  I think we should focus more on how to plant trees, and the mis...
    Anh Nguyen
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  • Report: ACS National Meeting 2013

    Universidad del Turabo   Escuela de Ciencias Naturales   Departamento de Física y Química   Capitulo estudiantil de Química Universidad del Turabo
    Diego Cantor Becerra
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  • Reporte Capitulo Estudiantil de Química de la Universidad del Turabo “Our Earth: Handle with care!”

    Universidad del Turabo   Escuela de Ciencias Naturales y Tecnología Departamento de Física y Química   Capitulo Estudiantil ACS Universidad del Turabo      
    Diego Cantor Becerra
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