• Cyclic Voltammetry (CV) Simulator Written in Microsoft Excel

    Description   The attached file is an updated version of a simple cyclic voltammetry (CV) simulator written in Microsoft Excel.1 The spreadsheet supports up to four chemical species and four redox couples. The ca...
    Jay Brown
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  • Using solutions calculator for making small amounts of solutions of hydrates

    Hello! Can someone please explain making solutions involving chemicals in hydrate form? I am using a calculator which has worked well for all chemicals except hydrates.   When using this calculator, I obtain dif...
    Dawn Keckley
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  • Recent Updates to the Polymer Science Learning Center

    The Polymer Science Learning Center began life with NSF funding in the early to mid '90's. That generous support allowed development of the Macrogalleria, an online resource with hundreds of pages of information on po...
    Lon Mathias
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  • ACS Webinars

    Can I watch these later or only via live stream
    Sean Wilde
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  • History of Chemistry Poster Series?

    Is anyone aware of a series or set of posters/art that depicts the history of chemistry or chemists? I am a professor at a small liberal arts college and would like to decorate a hallway leading to the general chemist...
    Allison Fleshman
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  • Join us as a Catalyst for Collisions HS Educator this year!

    As a former high school chemistry teacher, I know how important it is to engage students. That’s why I am reaching out. I’d like to invite you to join a select group of innovative high school chemistry tea...
    Edward Wang
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  • Reaction of Metals in Muriatic Acid

    I'm working on my science fair project. I placed 6 different metals (Al, Pb, Zn, Cu, Fe, and C) in muriatic acid.   Zn and Al reacted strongly and dissolved in about 3 minutes.   Pb, Cu, Fe, and C did not...
    Carter Mihan
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  • single replacement reaction help

    I am having my students complete a general single replacement reaction with CuSo,(aq) and Fe(s) (in the form of steel wool.)  The copper comes out of solution and seems to adhere to the steel wool.  The solu...
    Zena McFadden
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  • My first manuscript

    I'm a freshman in college, and this past semester I had the opportunity to conduct my own independent research project. So I created a probably terrible manuscript, since I have yet to take a chemistry writing course....
    Matthew Heaney
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    Title: Graduate Student Field: Industrial Chemistry Institution: Kwara State University, Malete Department: Chemistry City: Ilorin State: Kwara Country: Nigeria From year: 2014 To year: 2018
    Abdulrasheed  Olagunju
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  • SMBS purity Na2S2O5

    hello all   i consume and SMBS for mining purposes.   I have a technical question and i hope someone can help please..   Na2S2O5 should be above 97% or 98% as per the factory production and per con...
    Maher Mostapha
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  • Getting Ph.D near 40s

    My question is How many of us working for their Ph.D degree at the twilight of their career. Quit the job and go for Ph.D at the middle age of 40 years or after..... Infact I just want to know that I am the only examp...
  • Undocumented students in the chemical sciences

    Sharing this week's C&EN cover story on this topic: Undocumented students remain in the shadows of the chemical sciences | April 17, 2017 Issue - Vol. 95 Issue 16 | Chemica…
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  • Nobel Laureate Roald Hoffmann presents "Reflections on Science and Jewish Tradition"

    2/26/17 7:00 PM
    Abstract: “That science and religion only contend, or that they occupy separate compartments in our minds, one unrelated to the other—these are both such impoverishing views. Scientific knowledge, aestheti...
    Mark Wagman
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    Nobel Laureate Roald Hoffmann presents "Reflections on Science and Jewish Tradition"
  • Samford Univ. REU: Please encourage undergraduate students to apply!

    Please encourage undergraduate students to apply! Samford Research Experience for Undergraduates in Biology and Chemistry: Explore the world of research and develop your scientific skills.   http://www.samford....
    Rita Fincher
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  • LessonsAdvisor.com

    Has anyone heard of the new (2016) Instructor/Tutor clearinghouse LessonsAdvisor.com ?  I signed up on their service to attract students to my Chemistry tutoring website and to gain local students as well. I won...
    Paul Knoll
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  • Professional Science Masters versus M.S. in Chemistry?

    I have currently began the process of investigating graduate programs in Chemistry.  Specificly Master's programs.  In my investigative work I discovered some schools are offering a Masters of Chemistry (Pro...
    Matthew Sylvestre
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  • What happens when you mix a nasal rinse containing non-iodine salt and baking soda with a cup of ozonated water

    What happens when you mix a nasal rinse containing non-iodine salt and baking soda with a cup of ozonated water
    Bethan Fulford
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  • Fun experiments

    Hello everyone, I want to do some funny and amazing experiments for college students, We are planning a new event but I'm out of ideas. we already did: elephant toothpaste, secret ink, bleeding iron, Mn cameleon, p...
    Maysoon Al-Hafez
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  • Mixed Computational/Physical Graduate Program

    Are there any doctoral graduate programs that combine computational and wet lab physical chemistry?
    Jessica Freeze
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