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Are your students interested in pursuing a career with the federal government? Do you need information and resources to help provide them with the best advice and strategies for success?


The Partnership for Public Service’s Go Government twitter account is a great resource for all the latest news and information on federal hiring practices.


The Go Government twitter account provides:


  • Tips for students and job seekers about how to search for positions, apply to job announcements and compile an outstanding application and resume on USAJOBS
  • A focus on federal employees and Service to America Medal finalists who are inspirational examples of public service
  • Highlights of university alumni in the federal workspace
  • Information on exclusive job announcements from our agency contacts
  • An easy way to retweet tips, federal employment opportunities, and relevant news to your network of students and job seekers.



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--Partnership for Public Service and the Call to Serve Newsletter (September 2012)

By Jack Moore, Federal News Radio

Federal employees submitted nearly 9,000 retirement claims in August — more than in any other month besides January, which typically sees a wave of feds taking retirement.

The Office of Personnel Management (OPM) received 8,973 retirement claims in August, nearly a thousand more than it projected. The agency processed 11,896 claims, also surpassing its goals.

The backlog, which now stands at 41,787 claims, is 32 percent below where it was at its height at the end of January.

OPM has consistently hit its processing goals, even as the number of claims has steadily inched up. The only month in which OPM fell short was April, despite receiving fewer claims than projected.


--Partnership for Public Service and the Call to Serve Newsletter (September 2012)

The gap between median annual salaries for men and women with professional degrees (all degrees: bachelors, masters, and PhD) in the U.S. was $24,000 in 2008 (latest available data from the National Science Foundation).  The gap for Science and Engineering professions by comparison was $15,000, and for physical sciences $16,000.


The ACS Salary Comparator is a powerful tool showing comparative salary information for men, and women in specific occupations and geographical areas.  The Comparator is an ACS member-only benefit, and cannot be accessed by people outside of the organization.


Information gained about the average salary for a job in a specific area of the country can be a powerful tool in the negotiation of a starting salary or for discussions about a raise, but you should be careful to choose the average salary for a male.  Don’t quote the salary for a woman in that position.  That number is for your information only.

National Science Foundation, National Center for Science and Engineering Statistics, Scientists and Engineers Statistical Data System (SESTAT), 2008.

  • As of March 1, 2011, unemployment among ACS Member Chemists was 4.6%; the highest rate recorded since the annual Comprehensive Salary Survey was initiated in 1972.
    • The Pacific and Middle-Atlantic regions have been the hardest hit, with 2011 unemployment rates of 7.4% and 7.2% respectively. The average unemployment rate for all other regions in the US is 3.2%.
  • Also in 2011, ACS reported a drop in ACS Member Chemists employed in post-doc positions, slipping from 4.0% in 2010 to 1.8%. Still, the 2011 New Graduate Survey shows 47% of recent PhD graduates have secured a post-doc position, which is up slightly from 45% the previous year.
  • Unemployment continues to rise among recent graduates across all degree levels, with 13.3% of recent graduates in chemistry and related fields unemployed and actively seeking employment in 2011. New PhD graduates were better off with 8.8% unemployment compared to 13.6% of BS graduates and 17.8% of MS graduates.
  • Salaries among recent PhD graduates were up by nearly 10% in constant dollars in 2011, while MS graduates held steady and BS graduates experienced a 3% decrease in constant dollars.
  • For the 2012 Comprehensive Salary Survey, a series of questions was added to the instrument to gain insight into underemployment among ACS Member Chemists. These data are being analyzed and will be reported to Council in Philadelphia.
Elizabeth Fraser

We’re #2!

Posted by Elizabeth Fraser Jun 8, 2012

Forbes magazine published its list of the 15 Most Valuable College Majors, and Biochemistry is #2 on the list.  The rankings are based on Forbes research and the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics growth projections.