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2 Posts authored by: Lexi Romano

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Want to get that academic faculty job you've been dreaming of? Are you stressed about writing that long research plan? Do not fear. ACS is here! We will give you guidance on writing a well-written research plan needed for your academic job application so that you can stand out among other job applicants.


Lucky for you - this mobile-friendly eBook entitled "Writing the Research Plan for Your Academic Job Application" includes tips on how to:


  • Tailor your application for each school: Make sure you look at the guidelines that your university requires for the application. If your application matches the qualities of the type of candidate they want, the more likely you will be selected for the desired position. (i.e. Shania is applying to a university and sees that their “Desired Qualifications” list says they want someone who has a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and knowledge using a certain type of equipment. When she includes this experience on her application, the recruiter will prioritize her as one of the top candidates.)
  • Craft your research plan with your audience in mind: The audience reading your research plan will make or break your fate in getting your dream job. If the research plan grabs their attention, it will increase your chances of being hired. (i.e. Britney is starting to write her research plan and begins it with an engaging introduction and provides sufficient details that show the experts that she is knowledgeable. If her goal and plan of execution intrigues the audience, she will become a standout candidate.)
  • Determine the length of your plan: It is recommended for a research plan to be 10 pages in length. Additionally, you should have a proposal that is 3-5 pages long, which would serve as a summary of your roles and responsibilities if/when hired.


Want to show hiring managers that you’re the most qualified candidate? Download your free eBook to learn what it takes to write an effective research plan for your academic job application!



Getting ready for the big day that could potentially change your career for the better? ACS wants to help you out and give some valuable tips on how to do well in your next interview!


You know what they say? “First impressions are the most lasting.” Let’s start with the first thing that you have to do in the morning … Getting ready! What are you going to wear?


In order to look very presentable and professional, we ALWAYS recommend wearing a suit. Make sure it is the proper fit and to get it tailored if you have to. You don’t want to make your outfit look too tight or too baggy!


In addition to being well-dressed, you should be alert and well prepared for the day. Check out some of the Do’s and Don’ts so that you can look and act presentable to interviewers.



• Research the company you’re interviewing for

• Smile and use positive body language

• Send a follow-up thank you note addressed to your interviewer(s)



• Be late

• Bring your cell phone into the interview room (or ensure it is on silent)

• Slouch


Want to show hiring managers that you’re the most qualified candidate? Download our infographic entitled “How to Prepare for a Job Interview” to read more tips.