• I need HELP - Graduating Senior trying to FIND Graduate school to attend

    I am a senior with a 3.5 cumulative and chem GPA and a great research experience. I have not taken either GRE, but I am dead-set on going to graduate school. In order to help my chances and keep my chances up of getti...
    Luke Davis
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  • What graduate degree should I aim for?

    Hi, I'm a Peruvian chemistry undegrad willing to specialize in the petrochemical industry. I'd like to know which graduate degree would you recommend me to pursue: a MSc, a MEng, a PhD, in chemistry or chemical engine...
    Jorge Ayarza
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  • Looking for Post Doc Position in Medicinal/Organic Chemistry

    Dear Honorable Member, I am Dr Sachin Laddha, desperately looking for Post Doc Position in Medicinal/Organic Chemistry. I am ready to relocate in any country.   For further information you can mail me at pinkuma...
    Sachin Laddha
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  • Have you considered an alternative career as a patent agent?

    Law schools are beginning to ramp up non-JD programs and one of the newest areas of focus are masters-level degrees aimed at training patent agents for practice. There have been patent bar exam prep courses for many y...
    Michelle Gross
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  • Face the challenges of future transport today....

    Some careers are really global solutions in development. Join and follow the Indy 2013 working group. Indy2013   Cars, rail and planes are the dominant examples of chemistry in motion. Those modes of transportat...
    Shawn Torres
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  • Job options for college students.

    Hi, I am going to be a freshman chemical engineering major this fall at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. As other students will agree, college is expensive, and a good job can really help. I'm hoping I could find a jo...
    Edward Partlow
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  • Difficult Career Choice

    I am a physical chemistry grad student, planning on defending soon, with a wife and two kids.  I have lined up a very nice post-doc in Germany.  But, I recently applied for and made it past the first round o...
    Matthew Jorgensen
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  • Should I Try For an Industry Job or Head For a Post-Doc?

    Alright people, I will be graduating soon in Materials (specializing in photonic crystals) and am trying to decide if I should dive head first into industry, or do a post-doc.   Here are my circumstances:  ...
    Matthew Jorgensen
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  • seeking employment in US (where it snows)

    I am seeking a group or team leader position with emphasis on pharmaceutical compendial analysis.  Anyone know of possibilities?  I will cheerfully move.   Message was edited by: Jackie Creasy
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  • Starting Career looking for Guidance suggestions/comments...

    Hi everyone, My name is Brett Hixson and I just graduated from Ferris State University with a BA in Chemistry minor biology, and an associates in Industrial chemistry technology.  It took me a month after graduat...
    Brett Hixson
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  • About furthure study

    Hi all, I am done with my M.S. Chemistry , now i am planing to join MBA , is it a correct program for my future?
    Jalpa Pandya
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  • Q.C. or R & D or any other suggestion

    Hi, i am working as a Q.C.  chemist , i have about three and half  years of experiance . now i want to learn something else, i want to know which is the best line for me.i have to focus more towards Q.C. or...
    Jalpa Pandya
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  • Job recruit companies>

    I am going to loss my job by the end of Janurary this year after worked for a company for more than 15 years.  Does anyone have have a contact of  job recruit companies?
    Yingchao Zhang
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  • Early Career Question

    I am completing a postdoctoral fellowship at a national lab and am on the job hunt.  I am hoping to find a technical research job in the private sector.  I have realized that I know very little (along with m...
    Matthew Rawls
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  • Should the ACS work more like a union in the US?

    There are many ways that ACS could expand it's influence, and work to provide more benefits for it's US members.  It already tries to work it's influence through legislation that influences copyright laws of ACS ...
    William Griffin
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  • Career change insights

    In this era of job disruptions, are there any novel public/private or university/business partnerships that might usher in the next wave of chemistry or pharmaceutical science creativity?
    Walter Massefski
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  • Chemist or Pharmaceutical Scientist

    For those, like me, who are trained in chemistry and end up working in a pharmaceutical field, are you finding pharma a better place to find/sustain employment than general chemical?
    J Wang
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  • taking a year off after high school to prepare for college

    Does anyone know someone who can help me with a story about people who took a year off between high school and college before pursuing a degree in chemistry, biochemistry, chemical engineering or another field related...
    Susan Ainsworth
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  • Career choices

    How do you enter work force after a career change?
    Malgorzata Tracka
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  • Transitioning into a career in Patent Law - Any help?

    I am currently a postdoctoral scholar, having obtained my PhD a year ago in Inorganic Chemistry.  After much consideration, I have decided that I would like to join a law firm as a patent agent and perhaps eventu...
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