• Is it OK to freeze saline sodium citrate solutions?

    have a quick chemistry question I’m hoping someone might be able to answer.  I’m working on formulation of a plasmid DNA product and a buffer we are using is SSC – saline sodium citrate.  W...
    Evan Rogers
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  • Elemental analysis results acceptance criteria

    Which is the acceptance criteria for elemental analysis results of an organic compound in term of discrepancy from the value found and the theoretical value ? Are these criteria applicable for the identification of a...
    Jacopo Zanon
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  • Most challenging job interview?

    What was the most challenging interview you've gone on for an industrial chemistry position? Share your story w/ C&EN for an upcoming article on how interviewing for chemistry jobs has changed by e-mailing senior ...
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  • New Chromatography & Electrophoresis Techniques

    I recently published an ebook titled 'Paper-roll Chromatography/Electrophoresis which briefly explains how a paper roll of filter paper or any suitable substitute can be used for large scale separation of organic mixt...
    Akintunde Lawal
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  • Found a job through Linkedin? C&EN would like to share your story!

    Did you find your job by using Linkedin? If so, C&EN would love to hear from you for an upcoming story and video supplement. If you're willing to share your story, please e-mail me at l_wang@acs.org. Thanks!  ...
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  • Professional Networking in Michigan?

    I live in the Detroit area and looking for other chemists for networking.  I have a chemist degree but not currently working in my field.   I'm originally from Indiana. Job info would be great but not n...
    Cindy Lindberg
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  • An Interview with Youssef Bennani on Innovation

    Youssef L. Bennani, Ph.D., is currently Site Head and Vice President of Research & Development at Vertex Pharmaceuticals, where he leads research efforts at the company’s Laval, Quebec R&D site.  He...
    Max Saffell
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  • Reminder: Emerging Leader Award Nominations due Jan 13

    LCGC is seeking nominations for the 2013 Emerging Leader in Chromatography award. Candidates must be within 10 years of receiving their highest degree. Nominations due January 14, 2013.   http://bit.ly/XvoEZP
    Laura Bush
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  • chemicals for making Super car wash shampoo

    Hi, I am interested in a formulation for making Super car wash shampoo. Does anybody know what chemicals are used for that kind of product ?
  • Social media’s untapped productivity payoff

    Seventy-two percent of companies use social media in some way—usually to gather insights, to market goods and services, and to serve customers. Yet the McKinsey Global Institute finds that twice as much potentia...
    Elizabeth Fraser
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  • Seeking sources from small East Coast companies for C&EN careers story

    I'm working on a story about career opportunities for chemists within small or start up companies along the East Coast. I would like to hear from chemists of all degree levels who have recently found jobs in small com...
    Susan Ainsworth
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  • Seeking sources for retirement story in C&EN

    I’m working on a story for C&EN about the changing nature of retirement among chemists, and I’m looking to interview chemists who have delayed retirement because of the poor economy, or been forced int...
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  • Congratulations to Suasy Acevedo, winner of the Best ACS Network Profile contest!

    At the end of last year (2011), the ACS Network was on a mission to find the BEST ACS Network Profile as voted on by the ACS Network community. And the winner is Suasy Acevedo!  Do a search on her name here in t...
    Meka Parker
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  • Are there jobs for Organic Chemists outside of grad school? (Video)

    Christina Klug and Stephanie Fielder ask:  
    Mark Obrien
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  • New ideas implemantion?

    How ACS can provides help  for patenting of ideas? If there is a lucrative idea and one wants to work through ACS, how to go about it. If you provide guidance regarding this, it will be highly appreciated. Please...
    Muhammad Syed
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  • does it fun for you?? : teaching chemistry...

    this is very v=wonderful for me.. I love you chemistryyyyyy
    Amin Babazadeh
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  • Why did you choose your specific degree in science?

    What made you decide to get your degree in science/chemistry? Who was your mentor?
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  • Call for Nominations: 2012 LCGC Emerging Leader in Chromatography Award -   Submissions Due: November 14

    LCGC proudly presents the 5th Annual Emerging Leader in Chromatography award. This prestigious award recognizes the achievements and aspirations of a talented, young scientific or technical professional who has made g...
    Laura Bush
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  • What has a Ph.D done for you in your career? (Video)

    Kelsey Danner asks:  
    Mark Obrien
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  • Seeking sources for C&EN article: U.S. expats in Europe (or recently returned from Europe)

    I am writing an employment article for C&EN that will explore what U.S. expats to Europe are currently facing in the European job market. How is the European crisis impacting employment opportunities? How have thi...
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