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Due to a fire in the warehouse district, the city shut down electricity to areas. The Marriott CC, Hilton Garden Inn and Loews have been impacted. All other locations have power. Technical sessions are being moved from the Marriott CC to the Center. If your session has been moved please stop by the ACS Operations Office at the Convention Center, Rm. 224 for more information. Please visit our Meeting Updates Page for more information


Meeting Updates: ACS Operations Office - Convention Center: 504-670-4700


The following sessions have been moved from the Marriott CC to the Convention Center:


9:00 AM- 11:35 AM - CARB A - Moved from Blaine Kern A to Room 344 at the Convention Center


8:00 AM- 12:05 PM - ENVR D - Moved from Blaine Kern E to Room 349 at the Convention Center


The other groups that are currently in session at the Marriott are presenting on their laptops and have agreed to remain at the Marriott.


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