• At the upcoming 2018 fall national meeting in Boston, will there be registration and badge pickup other than the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center?

    At the last Boston meeting (fall 2015) I recall that there was recognition too late that a good number of attendees would be well served by a registration and badge pick up location other than the BCEC due to the dist...
  • ACS national meeting registration - government employee

    In the on-line registration form for the upcoming spring 2014 national meeting there is a question: "Are you a government employee?".  I'm wondering why that question is being asked in order to know how to best a...
    Donivan Porterfield
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  • abstract sumbmission

    I submitted an abstract to 247th ACS national meeting, but I didn't receive any confirmation letter about this submission. And I cannot find the submission history in my ACS account now. How can I check the status of ...
    Siheng Su
    created by Siheng Su
  • 5 easy ways we can make our meetings greener....

    Help Us Reduce Our Impact The Meetings & Expositions department recognizes the environmental impact our national meetings have. In an effort to address this issue, we have been taking steps to make our events mo...
    Shawn Torres
    created by Shawn Torres
  • Best Restaurants & Watering Holes in Indianapolis

    As we gear up for the 246th ACS National Meeting & Exposition in a few weeks, do any Indy locals or foodies who've visited the city before have advice on great places to eat and drink?
    Christopher McCarthy
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  • What is YOUR vision for the www.acs.org website?

    Imagine you could design an ACS website that provides more value to you and the way you work, study, and support the chemical sciences. What elements are critical to you? Want new functionality or content? Different f...
    Alicia Bowlding
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  • Fall Registration is Now Open, Chemluminary Awards, Eli Lilly CEO to Address Senior Chemists

    Shawn Torres
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  • Indy 2013 College Challenge

    Get points for every student that registers from your school!  Are you ready to participate in a fun, friendly, yet competitive event in Indiana’s Circle City, home of the Indianapolis 500? Then join the C...
    Shawn Torres
    created by Shawn Torres
  • What Are Your Favorite Restaurants in New Orleans?

    The Spring 2013 ACS National Meeting's theme--Chemistry of Energy & Food--is certainly fitting for the host city of New Orleans, which is home to some of the best restaurants in the world, in every price point....
    Christopher McCarthy
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  • Are there any grad students seeking to split a hotel room?

    Greetings,   Is anyone seeking last-minute hotel accommodations?  I have a reserved hotel room (two double beds) and am seeking to split the room with another grad student Sun night through Wed night.  ...
    Heather Chenette
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  • Grad Students arriving on April 6th to New Orleans, would you like to explore local "must see" attractions together?

    Hello everyone attending the 245th ACS meeting. I am a MASc student from Queen's University (Kingston, Canada) in chemical engineering department (working on developing new polymers using cellulose). I am arriving ear...
    Oxana Zaskoka
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  • National Meeting Abstract Townhall in New Orleans

    Looking over the schedule of activities I see an event on Sunday afternoon (April 7) at 2:00 PM - 3:00 PM in the Hilton Riverside (room unspecified) titled as "National Meeting Abstract Townhall" that is categorized a...
  • How many contibutions per person?

    Is there any limit number to oral or poster contributions presented by a single person in an ACS meeting? Thanks Alberto
    Alberto Mariani
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  • Do you want to see Jorche Cham, Creator of PhD Comics, webcast live from San Diego?

    Don’t miss Jorche Cham talking about Surviving Chemistry with Humor.   When: Tuesday, March 27th at 11:00am-12:00pm Pacific Daylight Time.   Where: The ACS Virtual Auditorium or San Diego Convention...
    Cheryl Mathews
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  • Where are terrific places to eat in Denver?

    What do you recommend? We'll have opportunities to get together.
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  • Anyone up for a Denver pubcrawl?

    There seems to be several brewpubs in Denver, although I'm not sure how many are within walking distance.
    Steven Trohalaki
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  • indy brewpubs

    are there any brewpubs near the site of the 42nd CeRMACS?
    Steven Trohalaki
    created by Steven Trohalaki
  • What Mattered to You the Most?

    I received 5 text messages from 78247 asking for my best experience at the national meeting.  By far Mr. Obrien's ideas for expanding UCF's ACS chapter using ACS Network resources was one of my favorite conversat...
    Alexis Snow
    created by Alexis Snow
  • Where's the Action in Anaheim?

    Chemists get hungry too.  After a long day of governance meetings, technical sessions and other meeting activities you deserve a break; but where should you go?   Share your recommendations for where to...
    Mark Obrien
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  • C&EN Picks from the National Meeting, March 29

      C&EN reporters pick Tuesday’s highlights from the 241st ACS National Meeting in Anaheim. What is your top pick.
    Mark Obrien
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