• Why are the gravitational mass and the inertial mass of an object same?

    Here I would like to present you three elementary questions.   Q1.  What is the origin of inertial mass of an object? Q2.  What is the origin of gravitational mass of an object? Q3.  Are there a...
    Mitsuru Yamada
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  • SciCast Calls for ACS Members to Make Predictions

    Largest sci-tech crowdsourcing forecast site in search of professionals and enthusiasts to predict future events   Experts from around the world are predicting the next big thing on SciCast, the largest known s...
  • Easiest method for solving eigenvalue problem

    Nowadays, the computer programming language is very convenient and at the same time powerful.  It provides us one simple way to calculate the determinant of some large matrix.  It can calculate the determina...
    Mitsuru Yamada
    created by Mitsuru Yamada
  • 2013 Nobel Prizes - What do you think?

    The 2013 Nobel Prizes are being announced this week.   Wednesday, Oct 9: The Nobel Prize in Chemistry 2013 was awarded jointly to Martin Karplus, Michael Levitt and Arieh Warshel "for the development of multisca...
    Christine Brennan Schmidt
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  • Info on NRF2

    I'm looking for science backed articles explaining NRF2 or more info on the mechanisms of it, good and bad, and if you would recommend it.
    Cindy Lindberg
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  • Wiswesser Line Notation help?

    We are seeking to identify an ACS member who can provide WLN given chemical structures.
    Anthony Levorse
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  • Chocolate trial

    Hi,   I am an epidemiologist at Brown University and have published on the health benefits of chocolate in pregnancy. We are interested in further pursuing research in this area and are currently trying to plan ...
    Elizabeth Triche
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  • Looking for Collaborations in Small Molecule X-ray Crystallography

    My laboratory has recently purchased a new x-ray diffractometer. We are looking to develop collaborations with external users to decrease the downtime of the intrument.  We are willing to collaborate or perform f...
    Jered Garrison
    created by Jered Garrison
  • When I was young, I'd listen to the radio, waiting for my favorite song,...

    When I was young about 39years ago, I had scientific conversation with my sole friend. He asked me "Are our life histories already determined?" I replied him "There may be involved chaotic factors within us, so that...
    Mitsuru Yamada
    created by Mitsuru Yamada
  • I am needing help with a lactase product

    Hello I am new to ACS and I am not a chemist. I have a company that provides lactase products to the public in liquid and powder forms. I am trying to develop a new product and am having difficulty with the powder an...
    Patricia Gilbers
    created by Patricia Gilbers
  • Elenka, Elenka is fond of dancing, Elenka, Elenka is good at dancing.  The dancing of an electron.

    Elenka is a name of a young bouncing girl who likes and is good at dancing. I am now reading a book about the history of quantum mechanics written by Manjit Kumar. It is so interesting to me! At a chapter, the disc...
    Mitsuru Yamada
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  • chemicals for making Super car wash shampoo

    Hi, I am interested in a formulation for making Super car wash shampoo. Does anybody know what chemicals are used for that kind of product ?
  • Periodic Table discussion, free paper, New exciting possibilities for the table

    Please read the pdf paper on new theories of the origin and future of the periodic table.
    William Aton
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  • Quantum mechanical art gallery No. 3.  Photos of ground state wave function for two dimensional Bull's eye like potential.

    By the word "Bull's eye like potential", I mean a concentric equi-depth circular ruts potential. Attached a word file, please open. Enjoy the strange density distribution photos. How do you like them? Maybe, nano-...
    Mitsuru Yamada
    created by Mitsuru Yamada
  • Analysis of the State of the Art: LC Instrumentation

    LCGC asked a panel of experts about the current state of the art of high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) instrumentation and how the technology will develop in the future. You can check out their views on the...
    Laura Bush
    created by Laura Bush
  • Quantum mechanical art gallery.  Could you confirm an electronic hole in a helium atom?

    As I had advertised already, I have been running my computer for calculating the electron distribution of 2-dimensional hydrogen molecule. These days, I have combined the two nuclei coordinates to form a helium atom....
    Mitsuru Yamada
    created by Mitsuru Yamada
  • Need Help

    Hello everyone.  Can someone help me with this, I am looking for non-caustic chemicals that when mixed in an enclosed space produce a non-caustic gas?  Any suggestions?
    Warren Bailey
    created by Warren Bailey
  • A Physical Question.  Which do you think is right?

    Think about an electromagnetic wave. Assume that it is a photon of  frequency omega. Here comes the question.  Which do you think is right?   1. The frequency omega can take any value.  The Maxw...
    Mitsuru Yamada
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  • Determining Arsenic Levels in Groundwater

    Andrew Guenther asks:  Is there a way to quickly determine the concentration of Arsenic in Groundwater?  
    Mark Obrien
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  • polyethelyene co-polymers

    I have an upcoming project on polyethylene co-polymerization (physical properties of end product.) Is anybody knowledgeable on the subject attending ACS P2C2 & L.I. this weekend?  I know the weekend is full, ...
    Joseph Sabol
    created by Joseph Sabol