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University of Michigan, Office of Campus Sustainability, Receives Green Chemistry Governor Award 2013

Blog Post created by ACS Green Chemistry Institute® on Nov 12, 2013

Michigan’s Department of Environmental Quality awarded its Green Chemistry Governor Award 2013 in the Education Category to the University of Michigan, Office of Campus Sustainability (OSC).


OCS received the award for its continued efforts to make U-M laboratories more sustainable via the Sustainable Lab Certification Program, which promotes operations related to pollution prevention, waste minimization, green purchasing, recycling, green chemistry, treatment and disposal.


UM Governor Award.jpg

Andrew Berki (left) and Dr. Sudhakar Reddy (right) receiving an award from Dan Wyant (MDEQ Director)

Some of the benefits of the program include reduction in the use and generation of hazardous materials, reduced consumption of energy and utilities, and improved safety for students, faculty, and staff.


“The program is built on general principles that can be transferred to other research or teaching laboratories in the State of Michigan, even across the globe, to improve the health and Safety of lab occupants while reducing impact on the environment,” said OSC manager, Andy Berki.


OCS has helped more than 60 labs apply green chemistry and waste/energy reduction principles along with operational, administrative, and behavioral modifications to achieve short and long term sustainability efficiencies.


The program addresses two of the four broader University-wide sustainability goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce landfill waste.


The award was presented at the 2013 Michigan Green Chemistry and Engineering Conference on October 24 in Grand Rapids.



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