• What's the difference between lead and quicksilver?

    Hello everyone,   Swedish rookie here with a question: what is the difference between lead and quicksilver? I've tried wikipedia but couldn't find any clear answers. As far with my limited chemical knowledge I c...
    Niklas Dahlström
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  • Does Science really Occur Via Revolutions?

    In my latest book for Oxford University Press I argue that it does not.    https://global.oup.com/academic/product/a-tale-of-seven-scientists-and-a-new-phi losophy-of-science-9780190232993?q=Scerri&lang...
    Eric Scerri
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  • What is your favorite element?

    Please share your favorite element and explain why you like it the best.   Participate in this thread and we'll send you one of our 111 named element pins.  Sorry, no Copermicium.  
    Mark Obrien
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  • Chemical odor problem-from leather conditioner

    The folks at the headquarters of ACS suggested that I post the following question to the community.   I used a leather cleaner on my car seats followed by a leather conditioner.  I had cleaned my seats in t...
    Paul Dwyer
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  • If I can still smell the benzoin condensation reaction on my clothes...

    I wonder how my students smell tonight? I didn't even touch the stuff. The thiamine catalyzed benzoin condensation is the consummate "pour and roar" (props to Frank Gibson for the phrase) reaction. You do it in a te...
    Lisa Nagy
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  • Vitamin D -- Hope, Hype or Harm?

    I wrote a book about vitamin D. Well balanced and referenced, but written for a general audience interested in this topic. It's not a scientific publication. The intent was to provide objective and fact-based informat...
    Beat Weidmann
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  • Would you buy a Chevy Volt?

    Gabriel Rojas
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