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Volunteers Needed for the Ypsi LIbrary Lab Fest!

Blog Post created by Michael Davis on Aug 5, 2019

Library Lab- STEM Fest

The Huron Valley section of the American Chemical Society and Cayman Chemical is sponsoring Library Lab - STEM fest at the Ypsilanti Whittaker library (5577 Whittaker Rd., Ypsilanti) on Saturday April 27th from 2-4 PM (https://www.ypsilibrary.org/event/library-lab-stem-fest/ ).

Volunteers are needed to organize and/or help run hands-on science demonstrations for children (ages 6-16) for the following demos:

Dress like a scientist

Take home a Silver mirror


DNA from strawberries

Take home a Lava Lamp

Cornstarch/water A non-Newtonian fluid

Yeast balloons

Take home some Slime

Oscillating clock

Can crushing

Take home a chromatography flower

Make glue from milk

Dry Ice and liquid nitrogen experiments

Elephant toothpaste

We will have tables for a few more demos so please offer any other ideas you would like to organize and/or work on.

Please contact Paul Dobrowolski (pdobrowolski@caymanchem.com) or Kourtney Goode (kgoode@caymanchem.com) to volunteer or offer your idea for a hands-on demo by March 29th. Let us know which demo you would like to work on too.

*Originally posted by Paul Dobrowolski on March 20, 2019 at 3:30 PM