Michael Davis

How to Post an Announcement

Blog Post created by Michael Davis on Jul 9, 2019

Having an Overview Page allows you to display full blog posts on your website's front page by using a "Recent Blog Posts" widget. This is beneficial because it makes it easy to post announcements immediately visible to ACS members. The "Recent Blog Posts" widget, which I have titled 'Announcements' on this page, displays blog posts in reverse-chronological order. I suggest your section use blogs to post announcements about upcoming events, activities, and other important news on the sites home (overview) page. In order to create a blog post, either find and select the "blog post" option from the "action" drop down list:


Or, follow this link: https://communities.acs.org/blog/create-post.jspa?containerType=37&containerID=4 423&draftID=37059