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Welcome the 2019 Officers of the Milwaukee section of the ACS


From left to right: Tom McLinn (Treasurer), Wujie Zhang (Chair Elect), Katie Bichler (2019-2021 Councillor), Nevenka Bralic (immediate past chair), Peter Petersen (Chair), Amber Bakkum (Secretary)

Michael Davis


Posted by Michael Davis Aug 31, 2019


Congratulation to the Spring Travel Award recipients: Vanja Anderson, Kathryn Deheck, Jonathan Pfeilstifter, David Schreurs, Matthew Korman, Jenna Loefer, Rachel Kutzner, Deanna Daujatas, Kara Burke, Allison Renee Tomczyk, Kaitlyn Chao, Nicholas Popp, Daniel E. Knutson, Ryan E. Schellinger.



Have a great time at the National ACS meeting and we are looking forward to seeing your posters at the next poster presentation session. 

                                                           Chair-elect:  Peter Peterson                          Secretary: Errol Williams



Thank you for volunteering and thank you to all who voted in this election. 

As always our wonderful volunteers did an amazing job by reaching out more than 300 children!!! They were blowing haloween themed balloons with the carbon dioxide gas produced from the baking soda and vinegar reaction. At the end children received a balloon holder stick for easy carrying, candy and NCW stickers, tattoos and informative pamphlets. It was fun and exciting. The volunteers and children had a great time.


ACS Milwaukee section is pleased to announce the call for nominations for the 2018 Board of Directors. We are seeking candidates for the positions of Chair-elect and Secretary (you have to be a member of National ACS to be eligible).


Service on the Board of Directors is a chance to help improve communication, chemistry education, and professional development of local community of chemists and general public. It allows you to grow personally and professionally, to develop valuable skills in non-profit governance, program planning and strategic planning, to make your resume/CV stronger, to gain lasting connections with other chemists in the area and recognition from your employer, peers, and community. 


Congratulations to Disha Gandhi from Marquette University for winning the travel award to go to the ACS National meeting in Washington, DC.

Congratulations to the winners:

  • Margaret Guthrie (UWM)
  • Casey DeShambo (CUW)
  • Md Toufiqur Rahman (UWM)
  • Vincent M Wartenweiler (Carroll University)
  • Brittany Lyda (Carroll University)
  • Rachel Kutzner (Carroll University)
  • Nathan Biewer (Carroll University)
  • Allison Renee Tomczyk (Carroll University)
  • Karannagoda Iresha Perera (Marquette University)


 Casey DeShambo presenting his research at the National ACS meeting in San Francisco

Congratulations to 2016 Volunteer of the Year - Irma Quezada. She successfully organized and proctored National chemistry Week outreach as well as Girls & STEM event where more than 400 children participated.


Irma is in the center holding an ACS sign. 

Dear fellow ACS members,

I look forward to serving as the 2017 Chairperson of our Milwaukee Section.  I was very impressed with Dina’s enthusiastic leadership, our board’s dedication, and the active participation of our members during 2016.  Our group truly demonstrated the ACS vision of “Improving people’s lives through the transforming power of chemistry”.

We will have many more opportunities to promote chemistry in 2017.  While an improving economy is usually a good thing, it has led to a reduction in college enrollment (less future chemists), not something companies want to hear with the nearing retirement of the baby boomers whose numbers represent a significant portion of the work force.  This is where organizations like ours can help.  We must educate the public on the benefits of chemistry and encourage others to pursue a career in chemistry.  I was introduced to chemistry as a career path by my friend Dr. Zack Shana, and I am always grateful for the many opportunities his advice gave me.  By volunteering with the ACS I hope to pass on my experiences to inspire future chemists.

Happy New Year!
Andy Zrinsky

12/16/2016  Message from the 2016 Chair 


Dear ACS Milwaukee members,

It is almost the end of my time being a Chair of the Milwaukee section of ACS. I am excited about what our local section is becoming once again: dynamic community of volunteers who are passionate of spreading our love for chemistry.

My goals for the year were to improve communication and participation and I hope you agree that we are moving in the right direction. This year we organized and sponsored Chemists Celebrate Earth Day, Chemistry Olympiad, National Chemistry Week, Girls and STEM event, poster sessions, student travel awards, dinner-meeting with excellent speakers, revived Instrument Donation program, and started monthly Science Cafe.

We are also working on building partnerships with Milwaukee Public Schools, Discovery World and other museums, so stay tuned for new volunteer opportunities next year under the leadership of 2017 Chair Andy Zrinsky. What we were not able to do is to present the Milwaukee Section and Teacher of the Year awards because we did not  have enough nominations . 


Thank you for giving me an opportunity to serve our community.


Best regards,



Dina Borysenko 

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