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ACS WIBS made donations to support local K-12 students, libraries, and afterschool programs. The STEM Supply Drive is sponsored by Washington State University and the Palouse STEAM Coalition. 

It is with great pleasure that we announcethe recipients of the ACS WIBS Travel Grant  for Summer/Fall 2019 are Brena Thompson and Matthew Hurlock from Department of Chemistry, Washington State University. Brena is a second-year graduate student working with Prof. Heiden, and Matthew is a third-year graduate student working with Prof. Zhang. They both attended ACS NORM 2019 in Portland, OR. Brenna gave presentation titled “Incorporation of a BODIPY Dye into a Diphosphine Scaffold for the Promotion of Redox-Switchable Catalytic Behavior”. Matthew gave presentation titled  “Development of 14-Connect ZrSecondary Building Units Through Post-Synthetic Linker Insertion”. Congratulations, Brena and Matthew!

It is with great pleasure that we announce that the recipient of the ACS WIBS Travel Grant  for Spring 2019 is Kaylaa Gutman. Kaylaa is a senior undergraduate student working with Prof. Waynant at the University of Idaho. She gives presentation at Spring 2019 ACS National Meeting in Orlando FL. Congratulations, Kaylaa! 

March 2nd, 2019 - Chemical Olympics at University of Idaho Renfrew Hall!  

Michael Davis

Student Opportunities

Posted by Michael Davis Jul 10, 2019

We are presently offering the following two opportunities for student members:

1. Travel Grant Program:  Graduate and undergraduate students can apply for a travel grant of up to $300 to contribute to attendance at their first scientific meeting.  To apply, submit evidence of an abstract acceptance, a one page description of your research, and a brief letter of recommendation from a research supervisor to Yuwei Kan ( 

2. First year student ACS membership free!  If you are a student (or know a student) who would benefit from joining the ACS for the first time, our local section can potentially pay for your first year of membership! Interested applicants should send your application info to Scretary/Treasurer Dan Stelck (

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