• Synthetic Solution: How much nitric acid to add?

    I am making a synthetic solution to imitate a real life situation. I am adding calcium nitrate to the solution to meet a target calcium level of 334 ppm. However, using excel calculations the amount of calcium nitrate...
    Sorel Nelson
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  • Looking for help getting a P&E 3110 Atomic Absorption running

    Our local community college acquired a Perkin Elmer 3110 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer.  We have it at a power up state, but are looking for anyone with any setup or repair experience with this unit to help us g...
    George Kenney
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  • Portfolio_ND

    A. Extending the chemistry of Carbones   The reactivity of nucleophilic carbodiphosphorane (C(PPh3)2) and carbodicarbene (C(NHC)2) ligands (L) towards various dichlorophosphines has been explored. In most cases ...
    Nemanja Dordevic
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  • Optically Converging and Enhancing Engineered Polymer (OCEP)

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    The Optically Converging and Enhancing Engineered Polymer : OCEP is a specifically designed polymer film molded in the form of Screen guard/protector, which when applied to a LED/LCD Screen increases the brightness of...
    Navdeep Kumar
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  • Protein Antigen Expression

    Recently, I want a Protein Antigen Expression service to develop my antibody. Is that right?
    Venus Timberlake
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  • Where Can We Find Oil Pollution Evaluation Equipment, People and Lab?

    Please direct me where to find oil pollution evaluation equipment, research laboratory, or human resources in the U.S. We are non-profit organization located in Nigeria, Japan and NY. and we are developing project...
    Hideko N
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  • Please help me with fatty acid reaction

    Please help me about fatty acid reaction, I want the reaction that the product can change some chemical's colour. I want to create indicator like litmus but for fatty acid to see how much saturated fatty acid are ther...
  • Anaerobic digestion of kitchen waste.pdf

    Akinola Olugbemide
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  • POSTER final kecil.jpg

    Ciliwung River Photo Competition  Lomba Foto Sungai Ciliwung (Bahasa Indonesia version)    Komunitas Peduli Ciliwung (KPC) bekerjasama dengan Komunitas Fotografi Bogor (KFB) dan diduking oleh International River Found...
    Rita Mustikasari
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  • QuanFangWangNakagiri2012.pdf

    Sensitivity of optimal control for diffusion Hopfield neural network in the presence of perturbation, Quan-Fang Wang, Shin-ichi Nakagiri 2012
    Quan-Fang Wang
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  • QuanFangWangBelavkin2012.pdf

    Quan-Fang Wang
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  • QuanFangWang2013.pdf

    Predication of single particle quantum controlling for Yukawa interaction, Quan-Fang Wang, 2013
    Quan-Fang Wang
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