• ACS Print Brand Style Guide for Members

    This is the ACS Print Brand Style Guide targeted for Members (volunteers, etc.)   This is current as of Winter 2017/18.
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  • A Brief Guide to Antibody

    If you are fanatic about keeping up with the latest medical trends, then the term Antibody-drug conjugates (also called ADCs) shouldn’t be foreign to you. Over the past few decades, antibody–drug conjugate...
    Alex Dean
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  • Portfolio_ND

    A. Extending the chemistry of Carbones   The reactivity of nucleophilic carbodiphosphorane (C(PPh3)2) and carbodicarbene (C(NHC)2) ligands (L) towards various dichlorophosphines has been explored. In most cases ...
    Nemanja Dordevic
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  • ACS_test_doc

    International News & Insights  ACS International News Would you like to learn more about ACS's Office of International Activities? Check out our bimonthly publication, which has been designed to provide infor...
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  • Toward A Process-Centered Pharma - Contract Pharma.pdf

    Process_Centered Pharma can significantly improve revenue and profits.
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  • MATLAB examamination.swf

    this video is 10 question of MATLAB software
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  • Social Infographic - ACS Network, Facebook, and LinkedIn

    A basic comparison of the three social platforms -- ACS Network, LinkedIn, and the Facebook. Feel free to download as a downloaded copy will be easier to read.
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  • Anaerobic digestion of kitchen waste.pdf

    Akinola Olugbemide
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    A summary of comments made during the ACS Board of Directors Open Forum at the 245th ACS National Meeting in New Orleans with responses from ACS staff.
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  • 50  Year Member

    Last Sat. (6/15)  the New York Section and the Long Island Subsection hosted a luncheon in honor of 50 year members. It was my pleasure to be in attendance and receive my 50 year plaque. It was great to talk to c...
    Gaetano D'Angelo
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  • POSTER final kecil.jpg

    Ciliwung River Photo Competition  Lomba Foto Sungai Ciliwung (Bahasa Indonesia version)    Komunitas Peduli Ciliwung (KPC) bekerjasama dengan Komunitas Fotografi Bogor (KFB) dan diduking oleh International River Found...
    Rita Mustikasari
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  • QuanFangWangNakagiri2012.pdf

    Sensitivity of optimal control for diffusion Hopfield neural network in the presence of perturbation, Quan-Fang Wang, Shin-ichi Nakagiri 2012
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  • QuanFangWangBelavkin2012.pdf

    Quan-Fang Wang
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  • QuanFangWang2013.pdf

    Predication of single particle quantum controlling for Yukawa interaction, Quan-Fang Wang, 2013
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  • Analysis of SodiumSulfate

    The analysis of Sodium Sulphate (Na2SO4), was performed using FT-IR (Thermo Scientific - Nicolet iZ10 with Accessory stage SmartiTR) and SEM (JEOL Advanced Technology). The analysis showed presence of Sulphate . In ad...
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  • shuttle.mp4

    The shuttle flying over DC for the last time today.   Caught on a phone at the ACS National Headquarters.
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  • ACS Mobile Apps

    ACS offers several mobile applications to the scientific community. Whether or not you’re an ACS member, these apps for your smartphone can help you keep abreast of the latest news and research, communicate with...
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  • National Chemical Technician Award -- Call for Nominations

    The 2012 National Chemical Technician Award (NCTA) will be presented to a chemical technician demonstrating an extremely high degree of professionalism. The award will consist of a trip for the winner and a guest to t...
    Mark Obrien
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    My guest article for COPUS (Coalition on the Public Understanding of Science) Year of Science 2009 (November) theme- Chemistry!
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  • Pittsburgh Proclamation Hails Latest Landmark

    The City Council of Pittsburgh passed a proclamation on Sept. 1 citing the recent National Historic Chemical Landmark for the development of the Pennsylvania oil industry. The text of the proclamation is attached.
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