• Just 4 weeks to go until InformexUSA

    Register today for InformexUSA 2012. Please visit www.informex.com/usa-register1. The Informex team is teeming with excitement for the coming show! We can't wait to open the doors to one of the best Informex events...
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  • What do you think of the proposed ACS strategic plan?

    Please visit https://communities.acs.org/groups/acs-strategic-plan to review and comment on a draft of the ACS Strategic Plan for 2011 and Beyond.  What do you think should be the Society's strategic priorities?
    Robert Rich
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  • ACS Presidential Debate

    On September 19, ACS candidates for president-elect 2011 participated in an ACS Presidential Debate. The debate was recorded and interested members can hear the two candidates, Bassam Shakhashiri and Luis Echegoyen, d...
    Mark Obrien
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  • ACS Matters Because You Do

    ACS wants your perspective on how the proposed ACS strategic plan will address the challenges you face and opportunities for the Society to strengthen the chemistry enterprise.     What are the challenges ...
    Tamara Coombs
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  • What did you do for CCED?

    Tell us what activities you participated in during Chemists Celebrate Earth Day
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  • CINFers! Are you there?

    CINFers! Are you out there?
    S Rouhi
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  • ACS Strategic Plan for 2010 and Beyond

    The ACS Strategic Plan for 2010 and Beyond is available at http://strategy.acs.org (http://strategy.acs.org/mobile for mobile devices).  Please respond at https://communities.acs.org/groups/acs-strategic-plan if ...
    Robert Rich
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  • ACS Technology Trends Survey

    The evolution of information  technology will continue to have a profound impact on how science is conducted,  analyzed, reported, and discussed. ACS would like your assistance in identifying  the key i...
    Jill Treby
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  • Program Starter Grants Available

    ACS Local Sections could receive up to $500 in starter grants this year.   The ACS Office of Public Affairs is funding a starter grant program to encourage ACS Local Sections to form government affairs and/or pub...
    Brad Smith
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  • Can the ACS develop working collaborations with other scientific societies?

    Can we as a society develop collaborations with other scientific organizations to mutually benefit from? There are many such organizations like Coalition for the public Understanding of Science (COPUS) that has even d...
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  • ACS dates in history

    On this day in history November 9, 1877 the American Chemical Society was chartered in New York.
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  • Nominations Solicited for 2010 Creativity Award. Suggest a Candidate

    The North Jersey Section of the American Chemical Section is soliciting nominations for the 2010 “Award for Creativity in Molecular Design & Synthesis.”  The Award is sponsored by Bristol-Myers Sq...
    Les McQuire
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  • pHun and Games from ACS Matters

    ACS Matters is a weekly newsletter for ACS members and chemistry enthusiasts.  Each week we run an item call "pHun and Games" where we explore the lighter side of chemistry and our profession. Currently don't rec...
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  • Chemistry that HAS transformed people's lives - picking the top ten discoveries.

    Chemistry and chemists have transformed our existance in countless ways. What do you think are the most important or significant ways and why? The ACS vision statement is “Improving people’s lives throug...
    Les McQuire
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  • ACS Strategic Plan for 2010 and Beyond - Draft for Member Review

    If you would like to help shape the future strategic direction of the American Chemical Society, you should check out the ACS Network discussion group at https://communities.acs.org/groups/acs-strategic-plan.   ...
    Robert Rich
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  • ACS Presidential Challenge

      The 2009 ACS President’s Challenge is all about helping the ACS membership grow so that we can continue to improve people’s lives through the transforming power of chemistry.  The ACS needs yo...
    Thomas Lane
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  • Death of Barbara Hodsdson Ullyot  A former ACS staff member and sporter of Project SEED

    I am the current 2009 Ullyot Scholar at the Chemical Heritage Foundation (CHF).  I have been at CHF for two months working on my project The History of African American Women Chemists.  Barbara Ullyot and he...
    Jeannette Brown
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  • How will we grow the next generation of scientists?

    Science jobs are moving overseas.  The U.S. education system is struggling to engage students in the sciences. The economy is limiting opportunities for young people to build their scientific interests into care...
    Meka Parker
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  • NOVA to Air 'Forgotten Genius" on PBS TONIGHT  June 2

    "Forgotten Genius"  the story of the life of Percy Julian will air on PBS Stations tonight June 2.  If you have not yet seen it I urge you to watch it.  You can also view it on line at any time.   ...
    Jeannette Brown
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  • The prices of Journals are ridiculous!

    Having to pay 30 dollars for 48 hours of online access to ACS journals is ridiculous. I am a chemical engineering major who loves to read all about what new research there is, but I am unable to access the most intere...
    Jeremy Wright
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