• Looking for chemist partner for new product used daily

    Hi - I'm looking to partner with a chemist, preferably demographically located near South Florida (but not 100% necessary) on a creating the proper elements of product that would really ease the way individuals and bu...
    Rich Ehmke
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  • Mertansine & Antibody-drug conjugates?

    How can mertansine be applied in antibody-drug conjugates? According to relevant materials, they former is the cytotoxic component in ADCs. I wonder how they are connected to function.
    Alex Dean
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  • ¿Como puedo introducir la 2ª edición de un texto en el BLOG?

    Este es el texto en ResearchGate   2ª Edición, octubre de 2017 Aportaciones de Louis I. Woolf al Tratamiento y Diagnóstico Precoz de la Fenilcetonuria y otros Errores Congénitos del Met...
    Jose Fernandez
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  • Silver mirrors and tollen's test

    Excellent infographic from Compound Interest:   http://www.compoundchem.com/2017/09/06/silver-mirror/
    Andres Tretiakov
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  • mouse protein array

    I am studying on the mouse protein array analysis, and there are some interference in samples. How can I solve this problem? Does anyone met this?
    SABRINA wang
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  • Suddenly I'm on a list server at LLNL.GOV ?

    Hello ACS Community Members, did you just get an email from a candidate for an ACS President-Elect sent from a list server at LLNL? I did, and I was wondering: how come my email is on a list server at LLNL? I guess th...
    Fiona Case
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  • Protein Antigen Expression

    Recently, I want a Protein Antigen Expression service to develop my antibody. Is that right?
    Venus Timberlake
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  • Plastic bin rocket using liquid nitrogen

      About 200 ml of liquid nitrogen at -196 degrees Celsius were poured carefully using cryogenic protective gloves into a 2 L plastic soda bottle. Then wearing goggles and face shield the plastic cap was screwed ...
    Andres Tretiakov
    created by Andres Tretiakov
  • Burning diamond and graphite in liquid oxygen

    The first part of the video shows how liquid oxygen (LOX) was prepared by passing oxygen gas through a coil of copper tubing immersed in a Dewar flask filled with liquid nitrogen at -196 degrees Celsius (77 K). LOX ha...
    Andres Tretiakov
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  • Corrosion and surface protection of industrial pipes

    Greetings! I am an undergraduate student and i am working on a project in corrosion and surface protection of pipes for industrial use (from food industry to petrochemical industry). Can you guide what to read , fro...
    George Kladis
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  • Share thoughts with the ACS Board of Directors

    To support the lunchtime discussion with the ACS Board of Directors at the ACS National Meeting in New Orleans, we are inviting you to answer these questions: What one thing would you like from ACS that you don't get...
    Flint Lewis
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  • n-Propyl gallate

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  • ChemLuminary Awards

    This discussion has been automatically generated for the 13th Annual ChemLuminary Awards Celebration.
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  • Sodium vapour lamp viewed through didymium glasses

    These glasses are used by glassblowers since they effectively filter out the characteristic sodium yellow glow emitted when heating glass containing sodium making their work easier and unobscured in the flame. Didymiu...
    Andres Tretiakov
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  • More chemiluminescence

    Chemiluminescence is the release of light but no or very little heat energy by a chemical reaction.The oxidation of luminol by hydrogen peroxide in alkaline conditions produces a magnificent blue ''cold light''. It is...
    Andres Tretiakov
    created by Andres Tretiakov
  • Barking dog and chemiluminescence in the gas phase

    Just one of many examples used in a demo talk about luminescence. A reaction that fascinated Kings and Queens and was one of the first photography flashes used in history.
    Andres Tretiakov
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  • Superstorm Sandy

    The ACS Board of Directors, other governance leadership and members, and staff convey to our colleagues in the areas impacted by Superstorm Sandy our heartfelt concerns and wishes.   ACS is taking numerous steps...
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  • National Chemical Technician Award: Call for Nominations

    The call for nominations for the 2014 National Chemical Technician Award (NCTA) is now open.  Nominees must be currently employed as a chemical technician, and must have worked as a chemical technician for a mini...
    Mark Obrien
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  • "What Is The ACS" Video?

    As a part of getting the word out about our new ACS Strategic Plan for 2012 & Beyond, my team has worked with the ACS Office of Public Affairs to prepare a 2.5-minute video at http://vimeo.com/36990661 that attemp...
    Robert Rich
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  • “Industry Academia Networking” With PA INNOVATORS SHOWCASE

    March 30, 2012 at 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM Kunkel Gallery, The Whitaker Center for the Arts & Sciences, Harrisburg http://www.anisrahman.org/SEPSACS_TCCP_Networking_032012.pdf The SEPSACS and The PA Tech Awards (the ...
    Anis Rahman
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