• Drying agents for grip

    Hi ACS Community,   Magnesium carbonate is pretty much the only substance I've seen used in sports (specifically rock climbing) to enhance grip by absorbing moisture. Are there any other chemical compounds / des...
    Matt Lutey
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  • How does your local section increase member involvement?

    I am working with the local Maryland Section of ACS to develop a booth at MARM to encourage involvement of current members. We have about 2000 members, but the same small group rotates through leadership roles, activi...
    Ashley Head
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  • What is YOUR vision for the www.acs.org website?

    Imagine you could design an ACS website that provides more value to you and the way you work, study, and support the chemical sciences. What elements are critical to you? Want new functionality or content? Different f...
    Alicia Bowlding
    created by Alicia Bowlding
  • Local section website editing/management - what tools are you using?

    The Chicago Section is interested in upgrading its website to establish a more integrated, robust web presence. we're interested in learning others' experiences. We're looking to choose between four options - which on...
    Josh Kurutz
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  • Have any Local Sections or Divisions tied their plans/goals to the National ACS Strategic Plan?

    The National Plan covers a lot of topics so I wonder if any section or division has tried to map their activities and plans to the national objectives.   Les
    Les McQuire
    created by Les McQuire
  • Does your newsletter have monthly columns that might interest other groups?

    Do any of your Local Sections or Divisions have standing  monthly columns in your Newsletters or on your web sites?  I am sure you all give updates on meetings and upcoming events but do you, for example, ha...
    Les McQuire
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  • Should the ACS Espouse Political Opinions?

    The ACS is a professional organization composed of many individuals with a variety of political opinions.  Should the opinion of an individual, such as Rudy Baum, be expressed as the opinion of the group when the...
    James Yavorsky
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  • Looking for Eugene Schapiro

    Hello!   I was a friend of the late Eugene Schaprio, who worked at Hoffman LaRoche in the 30s-60s(?). To my knowledge, he was involved in steroid development. He was also an extraordinary artist. My family is l...
  • Help with using ACS network groups

    I am trying to figure out how to become involved in groups on the ACS network. Please advise.   Thanks -Sara
    Sara Paisner
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  • Local Section - letter of support for permanent residency

    One of our Local Section Councilors has received an e-mail from a Local Section Member for a "endorsement or letter from professional / industrial organizations like ACS confirming their support of my research work" t...
    Donivan Porterfield
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  • Has there ever been a Nat. ACS symposium showcasing the Pres. Green Chem. Awardees? Would this be useful?

    Has there ever been a symposium (half or full day) at a National ACS Meeting (i.e. outside a separate "Green" conference) which has showcased 4-10 past winners of the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge? I am think...
    Les McQuire
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  • I'm new at this . . .

    How do you edit the local chapter's website on webs.com?
    Martha Lange
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  • Are you feeling abandoned by your local section?

    When I first joined ACS after college 11 years ago, I started to receive newsletters every month from my local section and was able to attend a meeting here and there.  But in the last few years, the section in a...
    Jonna Pratt
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  • What is "Solvent free" reaction ???? funny term or fact???.....

    I always get irritated reading research papers on organic transformations so called "solvent free"??   First i want to say that organic reaction should have molecular interaction which after undergo reaction. N...
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  • Are you an environmental chemist or biologist with experience with Persistent Organic Pollutants?

    My colleague, Gary Hunt, and I are hosting a symposium at the NERM in Hartford, CT this year.  The title of our symposium is Persistent Organics in the Environment - Sources, Levels Transport  and Fate pleas...
    Melita Lihzis
    created by Melita Lihzis
  • Councilors to observe executive committee meetings

    I was just told that it is in the bylaws that councilors cannot observe executive committee meetings of committee that they are not a member of.  I have been a councilor for almost 30 years and I remember been en...
    Jeannette Brown
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  • ACS Strategic Plan for 2009 and Beyond

    The ACS Strategic Plan for 2009 & Beyond has been released at http://strategy.acs.org.  I would encourage you to review the plan and offer any comments, suggestions, or questions here, or by email to strategi...
    Robert Rich
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