• Where can I find out about toxic reactions with 4aminopyridine?

    I need help finding adverse/toxic chemical reactions with 4aminopyridine (specifically in pesticide, and subsequent bird waste with toxin present). I am working in a facility that has used the product incorrectly...
    Ambre Harrington
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  • attendees of New Orleans ACS Meeting

    Hi friends! I don't know if it's proper to post here but are there anyone who's going to attend the 255th ACS National Meeting in New Orleans next month? My friend is looking for a roommate to book the hotel together,...
    Zhiqiang Pei
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  • Possible combinatorial ctructure of basic estrogen with hexestrol please?

    Can anyone provide advanced details of possibly how the basic estrogen structure could combine with the metabolie hexestrol please? Thank you 11th July 2019 Dr Shane Lawrence University of Cambridge & Senstech...
    Shane Lawrence
    created by Shane Lawrence
  • Synthetic Solution: How much nitric acid to add?

    I am making a synthetic solution to imitate a real life situation. I am adding calcium nitrate to the solution to meet a target calcium level of 334 ppm. However, using excel calculations the amount of calcium nitrate...
    Sorel Nelson
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  • fatty acids question

    Is pelargonic acid / nonanoic acid the same as potassium salts of fatty acids?  If not, what's the difference?
    Jay Sina
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  • What solvents can dissolve PLA?

    Hello, I am working with polylactic acid (PDA), which is a polymer used for 3d-printing. I was wondering what solvents dissolve the polymer because I am going to add a paste to a part I 3d-printed and I do not want to...
    Gustavo Rodriguez
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  • Looking for help getting a P&E 3110 Atomic Absorption running

    Our local community college acquired a Perkin Elmer 3110 Atomic Absorption Spectrometer.  We have it at a power up state, but are looking for anyone with any setup or repair experience with this unit to help us g...
    George Kenney
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  • Logos - why no border space?

    Question concerning proper use of space surrounding ACS logos. The ACS Print Brand Style Guide for Members specifies that ACS logos (comprising the Phoenix, title, and tagline) are to have a blank white border around ...
    Josh Kurutz
    created by Josh Kurutz
  • Distinctive smell in California particularly on clothes/fabrics/toys/enclosed areas

    Hi Everyone, I hope that someone could relate to this kind of smell. I know it's chemistry but it is a little hard to know what this smell actually is and what causes it to smell like this. So here we go...   I a...
    Eric Tango
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  • Open Cell foam

    I'm looking for a sturdy open cell foam that resists compression/bending but isn't rigid; and can handle the laundry. A one-inch thick sheet should be too stiff to bend with one hand.  It's for a protective mitt ...
    Lonna Speer
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  • Do we have mathematically sound options for our atomic electron shells or do we only recognize one possible electron shell organization?, Do we have mathematically sound options for our atomic electron shells or do we only recognize one possible electron

    Do we have mathematically sound options for our atomic electron shells or do we only recognize one possible electron shell organization?, Do we have mathematically sound options for our atomic electron shells or do we...
    Nicholas Cecaci
    created by Nicholas Cecaci
  • Periodic elements of organic chemistry

    I'm not sure if this is black or white, but is there a comprehensive list of all periodic elements that are classified as "organic" or of organic chemistry? I suppose another way of asking this would be to ask, "is th...
    Dominic Cervi
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  • What is there for someone with a Masters Degree?

    I currently live in TN. I'm not against moving to other regions for work, but finances for doing so are an issue. When it comes to job searching in chemistry it seems anything that requires an M.S. degree also require...
    Talon Hill
    created by Talon Hill
  • Looking for new ideas for preservatives for personal care and household products

    The GC3 just released a need statement and criteria document for new preservatives for personal care and household products. Twelve brands worked with the GC3 to develop the document -- P&G, J&J, L'Oreal, Unil...
    Monica Becker
    created by Monica Becker
  • Where Can We Find Oil Pollution Evaluation Equipment, People and Lab?

    Please direct me where to find oil pollution evaluation equipment, research laboratory, or human resources in the U.S. We are non-profit organization located in Nigeria, Japan and NY. and we are developing project...
    Hideko N
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  • chemical grading purity types?

    where can I find the definitions for various chemical grading purity types, such as technical grade, lab grade, etc?
    Tom Hallquist
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  • Please help me with fatty acid reaction

    Please help me about fatty acid reaction, I want the reaction that the product can change some chemical's colour. I want to create indicator like litmus but for fatty acid to see how much saturated fatty acid are ther...
  • How do you recommend preparing for the GRE subject test in chemistry?

    I'm taking the GRE subject test and chemistry this fall and wanted to know if anyone has preparation advice?  It looks like the best way to start preparing is going over text books and using the practice test pos...
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  • Are You an Ink Formulation Chemist?  We are hiring!  (Menlo Park, CA)

    Retained Search in the Menlo Park Area for Ink Formulation Chemist!  http://app.streamsend.com/ss/1/u4Kt/ha18x2fzpj This is one more very exciting opportunity with my client which is a $10+ billion world lead...
    Nicholas Meyler
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  • Drying agents for grip

    Hi ACS Community,   Magnesium carbonate is pretty much the only substance I've seen used in sports (specifically rock climbing) to enhance grip by absorbing moisture. Are there any other chemical compounds / des...
    Matt Lutey
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