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Oh, Hello: Introducing ACS Webinars 2016 Materials Science Series

Blog Post created by ACS Industry on Jan 8, 2016



ACS Webinars is kicking off the new year by teaming up with Industry Member Programs and C&EN to bring you the 2016 Materials Science Series.  The series will highlight the innovations in materials science that are changing the landscape of the industry and reshaping the way that we interact with the world.  The series starts on Thursday, January 14, broadcast LIVE from 2-3pm EST, with Timothy Gross, the primary inventor of Corning ® Gorilla® Glass 4, and new webinars will debut on the first Thursday of every month.


In the first webinar of the series, Making the Glass of Tomorrow, Timothy Gross will explain the chemistry that made Corning the number one name in glass for portable electronics. You will learn the basics of glass chemistry and ion-exchange strengthening as well as the damage resistance of ion-exchanged Corning ® Gorilla® Glass in terms of fracture mechanics.


Industry Member Programs will be identifying the trendsetting chemists in the materials science industry to be presenters in the series, and we will enhance the discussion through our Industry Voices blog. C&EN will be supplementing each webinar through a curation of related C&EN articles with their “Dig Deeper with C&EN” feature.


The Materials Science Series will be broken up into four thematic modules:

  • The Chemistry of Hello
  • The Chemistry of Go
  • The Chemistry of Comfort
  • The Chemistry of Life


The Chemistry of Hello, the first module in the series, will focus on the technological advancements that have transformed mobile communication from science fiction into tools that have become indispensable in our everyday lives.  Following the first webinar in the series, Making the Glass of Tomorrow, Tobin Marks will present a webinar focused on transparent electronics circuitry, and the module will conclude with a presentation on the science behind lithium-ion batteries.


Later in the year, the Chemistry of Go will look at the materials science behind transportation. The Chemistry of Comfort will examine technologies that keep us cozy.  Closing out the Materials Science Series, the Chemistry of Life will focus on materials science applications that have improved human health.


Registration is now open for The Chemistry of Hello, and check out the ACS Webinars website for more information about upcoming webinars in the series as well as the rest of their exciting programming.  Keep following the Industry Voices blog for additional coverage.