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Network & Learn: Consultants Tackle Your EPA Questions

Blog Post created by ACS Industry on Apr 28, 2016

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Are you looking for a quick-and-easy way to gather local industry members and industry professionals to network and engage them in your local section activities?


If so, we have the perfect solution: the new ACS Network & Learn program!


Under the program, we provide an exclusive, free video on an industry-relevant topic that can serve as a centerpiece for your networking events. The 30-minute presentation provides information, tips, and resources aimed at helping business professionals to streamline their processes, bolster business growth, and reduce regulatory pitfalls.


You provide the space, invite your guests from your local business community, and we will provide the content and promotional and support materials to help you build a complete program. It’s that easy!


Register now to receive the first video, which will be released in early May:


“Network & Learn: Consultants Tackle Your EPA Questions”

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The video will feature three consultants who answer commonly asked questions related to Environmental Protection Agency regulation:


--Keith Belton, founder and principal of Pareto Policy Solutions in Washington, D.C.

--Marie Maks, founder of Marie Maks Regulatory Consulting in Wilmington, Del.

--Tony Noce, principal consultant at Haley & Aldrich in Bedford, N.H.


As you know, compliance with regulation is critical to any business, especially small businesses. For them, one fine alone could be enough to make them close their doors.  In this video, these consultants talk about how chemical businesses most run afoul of EPA, and offer tips and advice for remaining compliant within the complex regulatory system.


In addition to the video, we will provide a promotional flyer that you can easily customize. Also included is a list of tips for hosting a successful event, including inviting a local expert to lead a live, post-video discussion.


The Network & Learn program is sponsored by Procter & Gamble with support from ACS Immediate Past President Dr. Diane Grob Schmidt.


Questions? Please contact me!


Susan J. Ainsworth

Manager, Industry Member Programs

American Chemical Society