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Launching the new Network & Learn program

Blog Post created by ACS Industry on May 13, 2016

Industry Member Programs is pleased to announce the launch of "Network & Learn: Consultants Tackle Your EPA Questions."


As you know, compliance with regulation is critical to any business, especially small businesses. For them, one fine alone could be enough to make them close their doors.  In this video, these consultants talk about how chemical businesses most run afoul of EPA, and offer tips and advice for remaining compliant within the complex regulatory system.


We have already prepared all of the materials you need to put together a local networking event.  All you need is a place to host. The list of resources includes a link to the video and a customizable flyer for promoting your event.  Please note that in order to access the full video, you must first register for the event.


The four videos below will give you a preview of what you can expect.  For more information on the consultants, visit