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The last day of congress was good. It ended up with the final plenary talk by Grubbs and closing ceremony. Even though it was not my field of research, I enjoyed listening to his research.  I watched his lecture three years ago, talking about his future work, and today he successfully completed the work.

We had Kristin Brown, one of awardee, presented her work which was related to Structural dynamics of covalent perylene-based systems probed with femtosecond stimulated Raman spectroscopy! She got more questions than other presenters I ever seen so far. She handled all questions. She did a wonderful job!

I am glad I was fortunate enough to be one of the award winners. It was totally my pleasure to meet all of the awesome and remarkable people around. I would like to thank ACS, Steven Meyers, and Madeline Jacob for awarding us to come to Czech Republic to present our work. Now I am going back home with full of knowledge.

“I discovered the best in chemistry with ACS”


The plenary talk by Roger Tsien, 2008 Nobel Prize winner, was fantastic. I liked the way he involved us with his work. He talked about different research that was done by his group and collaborators, and it was totally easy to follow without getting bored. He is so passionate about his work, and this makes me more eager to listen. I have listened to fabrication of nanowires and its properties. I have attended mostly to the nanochemistry and super molecular lectures which are more related to my current research. Darci one of the ACS travel winner gave a talk which was great. She presented their work very well.

During lunch the employee from Evonik and EYNC talked to us about how to get ready to get a job and they look over at our resume. Linkedin is strongly suggested to connect you to opportunities. It was interesting to know the difference between American and European curriculum style. I have heard good tips regarding to the job interview. Evonik ( is hiring more researchers now, ANYONE? They have more than 20 different location in North America which I have not heard anything about the company.

Our group went to US Embassy to discuss funding and scholarship opportunities in to have a meeting with Czech Republic agent. They talked about how we can apply for different scholarships, and do more studies in the Czech Republic. Then it was followed by some talks by professors and researchers from different university and institute. We were informed they are hiring researcher. As day pass, I am realizing the opportunity that I have received to come to the congress is awesome. I would recommend for everybody to give a shot. I would not have known about all this opportunity without coming to the congress. Then we went shopping to the mall which called Palladium (what a coincidence!)

After lunch time we went back to the congress for more talks and poster! I was impressed with researchers works specially the one that is related to my work. Most of speakers and poster presenters are European. Beside all fascinating works that have been done, I am impressed with all gifts they have. I would say almost 90% of them know at least 1 more language beside English and their mother language. How motivate it is!

I woke up this morning in Prague feeling refreshed and ready for the day. So today we all got together for breakfast and had a chance to listen to Madeleine Jacobs, ACS executive director and CEO.  Madeleine is a bright lady who I admire a lot. I would not get tired of listening to her when she speaks. Every single word she said was worth it to listen to, since she knows what she is talking about and it is nice to learn from her experience. I like when she talks about people and how they need to train themselves to get involved with others at work and school.

It seems everything is well organized for us. I feel like we are using every second of our time. I enjoyed attending the different professor talks from all over the world.  Definitely inspiring talks.

Overall I believe it is a good opportunely for everyone to listen to different scientists. I was listening to a talk which was related to my current research. It was given by Dr. Henry Anderson, a professor from University of Oxford. I was pleased to attend and asked a question regarding his research. I spoke with him in person after his talk. I know that I would not get a chance to talk to him since he is far away from America. After his talk, he mentioned that they have a postdoc position available, which is great to know.  So I can give the information to my friends who are living in England and looking for a postdoc related to his work.  Attending this type of congress is wonderful from many perspectives.

I wish the talks were 10 minutes apart from each other, so I could get there in time without losing the first five minutes of the talks.

I believe it is a good time to build our network in Europe since we have this chance to meet European scientists. Who knows, we might end up in Europe either to continue our studies, or get a job.

Later we had the poster session; I had some good conversations with scientists about either my work or their experiences. I also walked around the area and talked to other students and got some ideas about European research.

Nasim Ehterami

Welcome to Prague

Posted by Nasim Ehterami Aug 30, 2012

DSCN0056.JPGFinally I arrived in Prague on Saturday afternoon, a beautiful day to get off the airplane, and faced with a gorgeous city as I heard and read about it.  Yesterday I had dinner with Steve, other people from ACS, and students. We had a good time, listening to the live music which was performed by middle aged guys who were playing the accordion.  It was my pleasure to meet all the ACS winners; absolutely all are smart and studying at a good ranking school.  The food was good; we were treated with a welcome drink, followed by beer, which was amazing to me.  Totally different culture, No Water! Ok If you are thirsty you have to ask guys to bring water!

It was a good opportunity to meet people that you like to talk to.

It helped that we had a short distance from metro station and bus stop. We had an awesome walking tour from 8 o’clock in the morning, so the experience in Europe is about to start. I was afraid a little bit that I might get lost! However I felt more comfortable after walking through the city, and seeing all the tourists around.  I have realized that Prague is a historical place and there is a lot to see. Hopefully we get a chance to see more as the days pass. I took tons of pictures and cannot wait to upload some and get my friend’s comments.

After the tour we went to a fancy restaurant which is called Mlynec.  We were not able to use the GPS, but we had something better than GPS. Darci is the person who was in charge to direct us to the restaurant and back to the hotel. We made it without any difficulty, seems our GPS works awesome.