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If you try to log on to this weekend you might notice that the site is down The site is not down because we are performing routine maintenance.  Rather, we are making significant changes to refresh the site and improve its usability. On Monday, when we officially relaunch, you’ll notice the following improvements on



  • A dynamic home page, featuring a Content Carousel with the latest news, programs and events

  • An easier way to navigate and interact with the site, featuring QuickLinks

  • A faster way to and find what you want, powered by Google Search

  • A  fresh re-design, with a lighter, brighter and more open architecture

So be sure to be sure logon to on Monday and see for yourself, then let us know what you think of the new site at

However, the website refresh is not the only change that we’re making to improve your online experience. This summer, were also implementing significant upgrades to the ACS Network.   The upgrades will include enhancements to current functionality by providing private messaging, bookmarking, better document collaboration tools, enhanced filtering and improvements to connections/friending.

Staff are also actively engaged in completing the process to opt-in of all ACS Members into the ACS Network, thus the Network an on-line member directory.

We’ll keep you posted as we get closer to releasing this new functionality.


It occured to some of us on staff, that we have some messages for those of you using the ACS Network. and we are going to start blogging about them, with hope that some of you will give us feedback.


First, as product manager of the ACS Network, I want to ensure you that we are listening to you and are working hard to introduce new features to the ACS Network. We'll have number of features coming out this summer, but in the meantime, let me tell you about a feature we recently enabled.        


When you go to the ACS Communities home, the 'homepage' of our social platform-, you will notice that there are now two tabs available -- All Content and Your View. All Content is the page that we at ACS have set up and includes a list of forums, recent content, and a text box with information. This is what all of you have been seeing for more than a year now.


Your View is a tab which can house a personalized version of the home page. You can customize this page to display the widgets that are available. Many of you may be interested in the "Your Groups" widget which displays a list of groups to which you belong and which have recent activity. We have created a system defaul that you are welcome to edit.


To edit your view, click on the "personalize" link in the tab next to "Your View".personalize_tab.png


A list of available widgets will display, and you can drag and drop these onto the page below.



You can then arrange the widgets by dragging and dropping them along the page.




Finally, most of the widgets can be edited to some degree.


If you click on edit, you can change the properties of the widget. For most, that includes changing the name of the box. You might be able to choose how many entries display, or even the types of entries, depending on the widget.


With the upcoming upgrade, we will see more flexibility in the items you can add on your page. Look for these during the summer.


I'm hoping this is helpful...


And look here for more information about the upcoming upgrade.



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