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“I don’t have time to be in a social network”.


I’ve heard this said many times. I understand that it usually takes time to learn a new tool, but I would like to point out that the ACS Network can be a real time saver. If you aren’t sure whether you should join or remain in the ACS Network consider this:


ACS Network is a professional social community. Social does not mean unprofessional. Rather it means it describes this tool as a way to interact with others in the chemical community.


The ACS Network is a tool to help make connect the chemical community.  This is especially important as we find ourselves constrained by time or geography.


•The ACS Network is an extension of what many chemists do already. We network and discuss research and other items of interest at meetings. We make connections with others with similar interests to help find opportunities or career advancement. We collaborate on research and the resulting publishing of this research.


The community on the ACS Network is diverse and conversations from the community may spawn new ideas. Many times it is our interactions with others that help us find innovative solutions. Synergy is not acheived in isolation.



Specific activities you can pursue on the ACS Network:


Connect with other chemists with similar interests online. Follow up on those connections you make at meetings and other events.  Share ideas about science or network about career advancement


Share challenges and solutions to similar problems. The Network allows some of the same questions to be documented and enables problem solving from the collective mind instead of relying on a single person.


Collaborate online. The tools of the ACS Network allow groups of people to discuss topics and work on documents together in a single space. You no longer have to keep up with the dozens of emails when trying to work on a task or a document.


Better use your time, i.e. be more efficient. You no longer have to wait for that face-to-face meeting to discuss certain topics or business. You can prepare for meetings by sharing information before or and discussing after the meeting, allowing more work to be accomplished as a result of those special in-person meetings.


I hope people realize that maybe they can’t afford not to be a part of the ACS Network.


We would love to hear your thought on the benefits of the ACS Network. If you are not already, please log in and comment below.



Mark Obrien

Status Updates

Posted by Mark Obrien Sep 20, 2010

One of the most frequently asked questions that we receive is "What is a Status Update" and "How Do I Update My Status."    A Status Update is a way to tell other what your doing, what your working on, or where you are.  For instance you might want to post a status update that says,"I'm working in the lab" ,"I'm getting ready for National Chemistry Week" or, "I'm on vacation and I won't be responding to posts until 10/1". 


It's easy to update your status.  Simply click on your name on the User Task Bar; this action will take you to your profile as shown below. Input your status in the in the text box under your name and click update. 


You will need to be logged into the ACS Network in order to update your status.   The login link appears at the top of every ACS Network page.


Status Updates.png

What's New with Friends?

  • --Only your friends can see your list of friends. You might want to  look at who your friends are connected with and connect with them as  well.
  • --You can add labels to your friends and use those labels to sort your friends. Then you can email these groups of friends.
  • --In your Friends list, you can see their recent activity or choose to receive an email alert when a friend posts.

With this improvement, the way you find and make friends has changed.


How do I friend someone I know is in the Network.

In order to friend a person you must be Logged In and you must go that user's profile. On the right side of the page is a button that says "Add User as a friend".  You will have the option to add a personalized message.





Once they accept your invitation to be a friend, that part of their profile will say "User is your friend (hooray!).


a. How to login? There should be a button at the very top of the page that says "Login".  Clicking on that should take you to a login page where you use your ACS ID and password, i.e. the same credentials to log into, or


b. How to find a user's profile? You can find a user's profile in several ways:

    • Click on their name anywhere it appears in relation to content they have created or commented on. Their name should be hyperlinked to their profile.
    • Use the Jive Search box to search on their name      
    • Browse for them in the pull down menu.   This brings up a page rich with filtering options. 




Anyway, I hope this helps you understand better how to find and make connections on the ACS Network. If you have any questions, please feel free to post them here.

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