Mark Obrien

Status Updates

Blog Post created by Mark Obrien on Sep 20, 2010

One of the most frequently asked questions that we receive is "What is a Status Update" and "How Do I Update My Status."    A Status Update is a way to tell other what your doing, what your working on, or where you are.  For instance you might want to post a status update that says,"I'm working in the lab" ,"I'm getting ready for National Chemistry Week" or, "I'm on vacation and I won't be responding to posts until 10/1". 


It's easy to update your status.  Simply click on your name on the User Task Bar; this action will take you to your profile as shown below. Input your status in the in the text box under your name and click update. 


You will need to be logged into the ACS Network in order to update your status.   The login link appears at the top of every ACS Network page.


Status Updates.png