Christine Brennan Schmidt

Away from a browser? Post via email!

Blog Post created by Christine Brennan Schmidt on Dec 7, 2010

As many of you know, you can respond to discussions and comments via email*, but did you know it is almost as easy to create content via email.? The only trick is you need to plan where you want to add content.


If there is a particular group or forum you are following and like to post to, go to that space and look for "Create by email" in the Actions box on the right side of the page.



If you are in a forum or group you will be presented with instructions in a popup menu that looks like this. (Click on image to enlarge).



If you are in your profile, you can see that you can set your status update, create a bookmark, create a new document in Your Documents, and create a new conversation, in Your Discussions via email. (click on image to enlarge).



The vCard gives you an email address to send this new content. Essentially, this specific address indicates the place and type of content want to generate. You may find this to be useful if you have a blog, or keep your status update, or you are active in a group.


[Update 2/2/12: There is a bug for create content by email which appears when the space to which you want to post uses the Recent Content or Recent Activity widgets.  If these widgets are used, they need to be set so that Education, Experience, and Publications do not appear.  See that place's administrator to do this.]


As always, if you have any questions or comments about this functionality, please let us know. We encourage comments to this blog as others

may have the same thoughts.



*Remember: If you receive email notifications for a discussion, blog, group forum, person, you can respond to the email and your post will automatically be posted without having to actually log into the network.  This means you can participate via your blackberry, iPhone, android, or other smartphone whereever you are.