Christine Brennan Schmidt

QR codes - a useful bit of information

Blog Post created by Christine Brennan Schmidt on Aug 25, 2011

Have you ever seen those square looking bar codes? QR (Quick Response) codes are essentially two dimensional bardcode. The data behind this barcode can then connect to a web address, download a MP3, dial a phone number or start an email to a specific address. At ACS, we are seeing them being used to promote web-based materials about our products and events.


The use of QR codes is taking off with the improvement of mobile phones and the mobile internet.  Reader applications for mobile phones exist to allow users to read these codes and to view the corresponding website with their smart phone.  (The phone must have a camera for the reader to work.) To help you get started, I recommend going to the website, to their list of QR-Code Readers. They also have general information about QR-Codes.


Finally, the ACS Network is running a promotion using a QR code at the national meeting. You should be able to read this QR code right from your computer screen and it will take you to a Network page. 




If you want to create your own QR code, try the QR code generator at


You can also use to create short ( URLs that are friendly for twitter and other on-line posts.  Essentially, you cut and paste a long URL on bitly and bitly presents you with short URL that redirects to the actual page.  Bitly will also create a QR code to direct to your page.