Christine Brennan Schmidt

Profile Changes - sunsetting of CV app

Blog Post created by Christine Brennan Schmidt on Sep 1, 2020

With the migration of the ACS Network will come some changes in a user's profile. To be more specific, it was decided to eliminate the Curriculum Vitae (CV App) which collects users' experience, education, and publication history. 


Here is what mine looks like: 

We feel that things have changed and many people keep their CV information on other sites . For that reason, we will be adding a place to include a link to your LinkedIn profile to capture your education and experience, and a link to ORCID to allow you to display your publication history. 


You may wish to read more about ORCID  or LinkedIn


IF you have information in the CV app

The CV app created a document for each Education, Experience, and Publication entry that you have. We are still working through what to do with this content, but we anticipate that it will be available to you in some format. 


We recommend that you do not create additional entries at this time. 


We will let you know more about what profiles will look like in the near future. We encourage you to comment below if you have any questions.